Monday, November 23, 2015

Tomoko's Diary...November(3)

                                                                      Dear friends!

                                          It is the best season to enjoy fall leaves in my Kansai region now.
                                             The leaves are proud of their beauty at the very last moment.

                                            I went to Kyoto last week. The fall leaves were bright in the sunlight.
                                                             Let me show you some of Kyoto today. 

                                      This is a part of the garden in Zenrinji temple commonly named ”Eikandou”. 

                                                                                          November 19

                      Being strolling the garden, this atmosphere captured my eyes, where the gate with the brown wall
                                                                   and the autumn leaves well match.


                                                                  I continued my stroll in the city of Kyoto.
                                                       Here, this white wall makes the red leaves look bright.

                                   These fallen leaves looked like they were playing together on the rock wall. Very pretty!



                                                     Especially in autumn, Kyoto becomes very crowded with lot's of tourists.

                                         Although this Kenninnji Zen temple has some beautiful red maple trees
                                           this place keeps its stillness compared to other temples in Kyoto.

                                                                               the oldest Zen temple in Japan              June 18          
                           The garden is created with rocks and sand, we say “Karesansui” meaning a dry landscape garden.
                Using a minimalist design style represents vast oceans and the ebb and flow of water,

                                 which reflects the Zen spirit,

                             Visitors are drawn to the exceptionally fine 'dragon and clouds' on the papered sliding door, 
                                                           painted by Kaihoku Yusho in this temple.

                                                 Is there a touch of humour in this dignified dragon as he gazes at you?

                                                                                                   a visitor doing Zen

                                                                                                  a framed window
                                                                              Thank your for visit.

                                                               I hope you have a  good new week.Until Next time!
                                                   linked with  Mosaic Monday ...Thank you for our host ,Judith.


Monday, November 16, 2015

Tomoko's Diary...November (2)

                                    Hello friends!

                                    I'd like to share some photos taken last summer, which have recently surfaced
                                                                         from the bottom of my collection.
                      I remember that I went out for taking sunflowers in some places last summer.                                         
                                                                                                                                                      Umami Park in Nara...August 1

                                              The sky was clear blue but it was a very humid day.
                         After walking around in the Park,  I was  happy to find this jumbo shelter to escape                                                                                                               from the sweltering heat.

                                                                       There were only a few visitors including me in the large park.

                               Soon, I found these sunflowers and a lovely little girl here,stepping up to the flower bed!



                                                                     Being autumn, I recall the sunflowers as withered    
                                                          instead of bright, fresh, newly flowering blooms.


                                                                                             Nagai Park in Osaka July 28
                                                                                      Don't cry.                          

                                                                                               near my house ...August 18

                                             This long sunflower looked like she was  looking down to my camera lens.
                                                                        I seemed to capture sadness in the flower face.

                                                                         near my house .... August 18                    

                                                      While on my walk, I spotted this still fresh sunflower, battered down
                                                      by a particularly fierce wind the previous night. This made me sad.

                                                                                  Umami Park.....October 16 
                                                                                                    This is my pair of glasses I have used for few years.
                                                                   Now, this one no longer helps for my eyesight. 
                                     I am going to have a left eye operation in December.
                                                    I was just busy last week as I had to finish some checkups    
                                                                          for the  anesthetic operation.                           
                                                                                    I will visit you soon.
                                                                        Wishing you well and much joy!                

                                                         Linked with Mosaic Monday...Thank you for host, Juduth    
                                                                                                and Sky watch      

Monday, November 2, 2015

Tomoko's Diary... November(1)



                                                                            Autumn greetings!
                          A ten minute walk from my residential area is a local family rice and vegetable farm. 
      This place may seem nothing out of the ordinary, but this is where I enjoy finding slight seasonal changes                        throughout the year. ( the field near my house is here)
                                                                                   by the footpath between the rice fields......   October 7

                                                                                  with the golden rice field in the back .....   October 7

                                with the pink cosmos flowers in the back......October 7
 I slowly moved to the back of him and snapped it again!

                                                 Japanese Drum performance
                  An annual autumn festival took place to thank good harvest in our local shrine near the rice field.
                 This young professional drummer is familiar to the locals who come to the festival every autumn.
                                               My husband and I really look forward to watching his performance.

                                                              his jump performing!              October 17

                         As I ambled along with my camera, a farm woman I have never previously met surprised me,     
                                                                          by speaking suddenly to me. 
                       Smiling she spoke, "Please take some photos of our first potato harvest for the season." 
                                              I obliged her and we happily chatted to each  other for a while.    
                                                                                                                       October 19
                                    Here she is lifting her potatoes, saying "hu.......m heavy, look in here!" 


          Growing this type of potatoes is their first try,    
                                             because these potatoes like drier weather to grow and flourish.
                                                                       Her husband explained to me.                                            

                                           Thank you for speaking to me, farmers,I had a good time with you.
                                                                                 Thank you for visit.
                                                                     I hope you too enjoy your new season!
                                                                           linked with  Mosaic Monday   
                                                                       Thank you for your host,Judith.                   
                                                                              and   Saturdays-Critters 
                                                                       Thank you for your host, Eileen.


Friday, October 23, 2015

Tomoko's Diary....October(3)


Hello, my friends!

 The Japanese flower called 'Cosmos' in English is written 秋桜,autumn cherry blossom, in Chinese characters.
  I found these ones on my walk and, as the name says, they tell us that fall is at its best now. 

This image of flowers going with the flow is the one I love.


                                     These flower heads waving in the sky are also refreshing.
                                    Surely cosmos flowers are the best match to a clear blue sky.

                                                                  I noticed flowers were speaking, quickly snapped them.


                                                           Weeds were shinning under the cosmos flowering before sunset.


                                                                         Their departure moments will be soon.




                                                                                   rice harvest


                                                                     All photos were taken October 8 and 19 near my house.

                                                                                                    Thank you for visit.

                                                   I hope you too enjoy seeing the  color changes in your places!                                                                                                                          

                                                                                       linked with  Mosaic Monday 
                                                                                                      Today's Flower

Monday, October 12, 2015

Tomoko's Diary...October(2)



This is the glorious sunset I came across when I went to the Abeno Harukusu.

             Abeno Harukas in Osaka, newly completed in 2014, is the highest building in Japan, 
           and is home to the main Kintetsu department store.

                                                  You look out at the view of the busiest business city, Osaka,
                                                     from the 300 meter high platform on top of the building.
                                                  Not only the highest building,you can enjoy shopping here too.
                                                                     the highest tower is tokyo -skytree634m


                                                     I look down at the city,and almost felt dizzy, but did not forget to click a shutter!!
                                              The floor I am standing on was designed with the transparent floor.


              the beautifully changing sunset!

                                                                                                 photos, October 3

Yes, this is me!

Thank you for visit.

                                                                            Wishing you well and much joy!          


                                                           shared with Mosaic Monday.....Thank you for host, Judish.
                                                                    Sky Watch