Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tomoko's Diary ....May(2)

Hi, Friends!


Random Photos

My granddaughter flew back after spending a few days with us.  

                                       I have returned to my daily routine, which includes helping my mother-in-law, 
                                                                          and enjoying some hobbies.

                                                                              Now, this hedge(privet) of my house is in full bloom.
                                                                                   They bloom just for 2 weeks.

                                                             My husband photographed this recent frequent visitor  with his point and shoot. .

        This time, azaleas are blooming here and there on the streets in my neighborhood.

            This house with a colorful show of flowering azaleas lies opposite my home.
    The owner, now at 93, has been an aged widower for some seven years, since his wife passed away, 
    who organized a gardener regularly to take care of his hedge. It reflected his polite character 
and careful appearance.The blooming flowers made neighbors pleased every season.
But he has been in a nursing home since last autumn. 
    So since then, his relatives have been looking after the house, and the gardener no longer visits.
                                        I photographed the azaleas, hoping this blooming will not be the last time.

  Modern houses are slowly replacing the older houses in the quiet residential area I live.
                                       Still many typical Japanese houses are loved too.

                                                      Japanese apricot  (Ume)in my garden, May 6.

                                Today, it was the time to harvest the fruits.
                                                My husband picked them all.                              
              I will make Umeshu(Japanese liqueur made from Ume) with them this year too.  
                             the right photo...the Umeshu I made last year.                                                  
                                                             Would you like to taste it?  Very sweet and sour!

                                                                     linked with Good Fences 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Random 5 Friday 
                                                                                      Mosaic Monday                                   

                                                                                 Thank you for visit!

                                                                           Until next time


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tomoko's Diary....May (1)

                                                                                                Hi, Friends! 
                             大阪空港そばの ”千里の土手” は飛行機の離陸、着陸が間近で見えることで知られた場所です。


                                                                     Fly and fly with your dreams!!
                            My granddaughter usually uses bullet trains to visit us, but she flew this spring holidays.
                            I went to this river bank near Osaka airport  to take photos of airplanes after my granddaughter returned.

                            Imagine, these planes are roaring sounds over your head. My hat almost blown off when 
                                                                      I looked up, pointing my lens at the airplane.


                                                                                            Photographers like this place.
                                                                                   They quickly become friendly here. 
                                                                           It was a fun place for me too!!
                                                                                      Sky Watch
                              our world
                                                                                Thank you for your visit.

                                                                                     Until next time!


Friday, April 22, 2016

Spring Break



                                Dear friends!

              I have some plans to enjoy the most beautiful time of the year. Flower Spring!
                                        I will be off-line from  next Sunday for a while.
                                                      I look forward to visiting you after coming back blogging! 
                        I hope you are fine and can enjoy your beautiful new season. 

Thank you for your concern about the earthquake hit Kumamoto in Japan last week.

              When a substantial M 6.4 earthquake hit the Kumamoto city in the evening of April 14th at 9:26, 
             no one guessed it was just a forerunner to the massive M 7.3 quake yet to come. This second earthquake 
             worked havoc the same area two days later, and aftershocks are still continuing.
             Viewing the TV coverage of the region and its people makes me feel small and powerless to be able to help 
             them in the face of such devastation. All I could do was to feel for them and send a little money to the Red Cross.
                                                         How our life is fragile before natural disasters!
             The media footage reminded me of that 2011 Tohoku earthquake, with patient victims helping each other 
           and waiting in long lines for water and food. The Japanese are one.Japan is confronted by the challenge of surviving
           consecutive natural disasters.Although there is still much to be done, the restoration work in the area is going on.

                                                                     Many thanks, my dear friends!


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Monday, April 11, 2016

Tomoko's Diary....April(2)



            The cherry blossom(Sakura) season  passed quickly.My photo trip for Sakura was given a priority for the one week.
            My English class was off for 3 weeks because my partner in my class went to Tokyo to be a baby-sitter for her grandson. 
            My mother-in law 96 who lives with my  husband and me stayed in her daughter’s house for 4 days. 

            It was a beautiful day when I walked around Todaiji Templ in Nara Park. The park is one of the most famous Sakura
            spot in Nara. Todaiji's grounds are spacious and cover most of northern Nara Park. I walked just some parts of the 
            grounds to avoid its extreme crowd, snapping the Sakura.

                                Walking along this earth wall is my favorite. I was pleased to see Sakura peeking on the wall 
                                and to spot a monk coming...... 

                                                                                        in the garden of Todaiji Temple

                             .                                                        .  ..........kept walking along the  wall.
                                                           many small stone Buddhisms standing by the wall

                                                                                                           deer in Nara Park
                                                                 Over 1000 deer are roaming in Nara park. They are very tame.

                                                                                       They  know  traffic rules too!

                           Two days later, I went to see Sakura on the Imperial Nara- Palace Site despite the sprinkle of rain.

                                                                         reconstructed building" Daikokuden" in the distance

                          There were few people there and  Sakura looked even more beautiful under the thick clouds than I expected.

                                                                                                           linked with Mosaic Monday
                                                                                           Thank you for your host,Judith.

                                                                                           Good fences

                                                                                Thank you for visits, dear friends!

                                                                                                             Until Next Time!


Sunday, April 3, 2016

Tomoko's Diary.....April(1)



Many young local families came to see only one Water fall Sakura in full bloom in the Yamato museum.
                      You may say that seeing only one Sakura is boring,but….wouldn’t you like to see the Sakura 
                      only in this place? This is a waterfall Sakura, which is branched from one of the biggest three 
                      Sakura trees in Japan,Miharu no Takizakura over 1000 years old,in Fukushima prefecture 700 kilometer
                      away from here.

                                       Being in full bloom of the child of Miharu no Takisakura, the museum has come up 
                                       with a witty idea of giving an admission free on that day.


                                            I am one of the members, so I often drop by as I have time, and the garden 
                                         particularly looked cheerful with little children surrounding the weeping flowers
                                         on that day. I played with my camera in the weeping flowers.

                                                                        These are the lovely local children.                                                                                                                                                                                    
                                           My grand daughter is coming to stay with us in the end of this April, spring holidays.

                                                                                    a young mother snapping her child

Spiraea was also at their peak in the garden.
We call this flower "snow willow" in Japanese. It is a pretty name isn't it?

                                                         My next post will be full of Cherry blossoms blooming in Nara Park!!

                                                                                     linked with Mosaic Monday of Lavender Cottage

                                                                                 Thank you for hosting Judith

The last photo is for my  friends,you.
Would you like some ground tea(mactha) with cream on it after the flowers?
sweet, bitter and cold!  Of course, very tasty!
                                                                                              Thank you for your visit

                                                                                      Until Next Time



Sunday, March 27, 2016

Tomoko' s Diary....March(3)

                                                                                                           Hi, friends!


                                                                                       Handwriting is proudly alive.                

                       One day last week, an annual calligraphy brush festival was held at our local Sugawara shrine,
                       where worn out brushes were burnt out. A lot of calligraphers visited the shrine with their old brushes.

                       The origin of Japanese calligraphy dates back to the time Chinese character was imported from China.
                        書道  Shodo”, the word, “Sho” means writing, and “dou” means quest, which is an oriental art that expresses
                      the beauty of Chinese characters, kanji.

                       Nara, the ancient capital, was a center of the culture and education around 6C. The ancient greatest    
                      scholar in Nara, Sugawara Michizane has been enshrined here.Those who want to improve studies and 
                      writing have visited this shrine.

                                                                                                   All visitors were allowed to take photos.
                       In its garden is a brush burial, you see, and some fruits are offered to the stone monument. 
                                                     Used brushes were burnt in the piled plants.

                                                                                                     smoke rising up......

                                                                                         old brushes.........

           Making brushes with animal hairs, brush craftsmen attend the memorial service for burned brushes.

                                       a blackink stick master showing the way of making it in the garden.
                            I always love to watch someone very skillful at work.

                                                He put it out  saying mildly, “ A stick is very soft after finished, and touch this please”.
                                                             I touched it softly with my left hand, clicking a shutter with the other hand.

                                                                                                       a boy drawing kanji "happiness"

                                                                                           a big performance with the jumbo brush                                      
                                                                                                  She draws" kanji"Monkey.
                                 School children practice Japanese Calligraphy at school.
                                                                     They watch this performance  with interest. They were presented
                                                                      new brushes from the shrine on the day!!                                

                                                                                           jumbo brushes hanging in the garden

                                                                                  Linked with  Karen's last Sunlit Sunday for this year.
                                                                                   Many thanks Karen of My little Home and Garden.
                                                                                         Mosaic Monday  of Lavender Cottage.                                                      
                                                                                           Thank you for your host,Judith.        

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Thank you for visiting.

                                                                                                            Until next time!  



Sunday, March 20, 2016

Tomoko's Diary....March (2)



Happy March

                                    On March 3rd. families with little girls celebrate "Girls Day".  Hina dolls, dressed in Heian period costume(794-1185),
                                     are displayed in the home as it is hoped the daughters will grow to have their beauty and good fortune in their lives.           

                                    Nowadays, this family celebration, which dates back to 1000 years ago, has spread to small ancient towns 
                                    throughout Japan, as an annual festival. The popularity may come from the way the Hina Dolls have been
                                    cherished and lovingly passed down in families from generation to generation.
                                    This was my one day trip last week to the Hina doll festival in Takatori ,a historical provincial town located
           in the middle of Nara Prefecture. It was once prosperous as a castle-town。 

                                                                 hina dolls displayed  at the Takatori station square


                                                                        I walked along this main street, enjoying   antique dolls.

                                                                                                     in the main hall of the town                                                                                                                                                                                                       old hina dolls donated by the locals


                                                       The dolls are proudly displayed in the locals' entrance halls, which has pleased tourists.
                                                                                        Visitors were allowed to take photos.

                                                                              handmade quilt ball  with Japanese antique materials


                                                                                My eyes were drawn to this ball in the entrance.

                                      the lovely string hanging from the light bulb

                                                                                           yellow flowers  blooming along the street


                                                               small hina dolls displayed  on the cask  in  the Japanese liquor shop
                                                                                                  I liked this way,snapping it.                                                                                         All photos were taken with a fixed 35mm lens.

                                                                                  This is also  the antique  I can't miss.
                                                          This was taken in Tokyo after around several years, in the  end of the world war 2 .                                                                                                                            
                                                                             from left.........Tomoko, my younger brother and sister
                                                                             Long time ago, I was one of the little girls too!
                                                                             My hina dolls have been  shown in the photo gallery at the bottom.                                          
                                                                             Scroll down to see them if you have time.
                                                                   Wishing happiness for all girls in the world
                                                                         Thank you for your visit.                                                                                                                         
                                                                  linked with   Sunlit Sunday and  Mosaic Monday