Friday, February 12, 2016

Tomoko's Diary... February (1)

Hi, Friends!


                                  Today marks the first anniversary of the sudden and unexpected death of my cousin, who was only in his 60’s.
                                   He didn't make it to the hospital in the ambulance, after an unfortunate ruptured aneurysm in his chest.
                                  He went to the other world early in the spring last year, when Japanese apricots were beginning to blossom.

                                                                           Photos......February 10th.. 2016 near my house      


                                 At his funeral, my eyes were first drawn to dozens of paintings on display from the entrance to the main hall. 
                                             Looking at them, I quickly remembered his love of paintings when we were both younger,
                                                                            His wife told us that he started painting after he retired. 

                                                                                           These are some of his works

                          Just from curiosity, I went to a painting club before my marriage for a short time.
                                                           Now and then, he would drop in after his work.
                                      Honestly, I was not fond of having him looking over my shoulder as I painted,but we were good cousins.


                                                I had my camera and unexpectedly began taking photos of his works, instead of my relatives.
                                     I found my eyes tearing while snapping them, thinking his funeral became his first and the last exhibition.


                              Life is full of joys and sorrows and when I remember that he was a humorous and kind man to people,
                              this title of the song comes to my mind.It is not easy for me to understand the English lyrics line by line,
                               but only this title pleases me enough. Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams posted by Shiro Yuki _Mot  2015.


                                                      Thank you for your visit and seeing his works today.

                                                   I hope your smile will make your family and friends happy again today.
                                                                                               Until Next Time!


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Friday, January 29, 2016

Tomoko's Diary......January(3)

                                                         大阪の難波パークスの イルミネーションです   
                                                    It has been cold, but snow has not fallen in my town.     
                                                                 Presently, the world is struggling to cope with severe weather. 
                                   Even in Japan, heavy snow caused some people to be buried and stopped transport.
                               Although sorry for the severe situation, I was waiting for beautiful falling snow in my place with mixed feelings.

                                                                                                               the open garden of Nanba Parks
                                                   Moving on, Osaka is shining in brilliant illuminations this winter.
                                          I braved the cold to go the 20 km trip from my home to see them in the heart of Osaka.
                                 The illumination decorates the open garden of 8th floor of a building, and it was more calm than I expected, 
                                                                                even though many people were gathering.

                                                                         Seeing illuminations in the cold evening is cheerful. 
                                  But  I do not feel comfortable with many bare trees, which have to be in their sleep during the winter,
                                   surrounded by twinkling cords to let people enjoy winters and often seen on main busy streets.

                                                                                    See! Little angels are flying down here!

                                                        The large floor turned into a projected screen for little  angels

                                      Many visitors were gathering around the lights, trying not step on the angels.
                                   I was pleased with them, my camera lens was busy capturing the angels swimming quickly there.

                                                                                      Dear Friends, Thank you for your visit.

                                                                                                   Until next time!


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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Tomoko's Diary.... January(2)


After New Year holidays, I went to Tokyo to see my mother 92, who lives with her younger daughter.
It was a busy one night trip in the cold day.

Kyoto to Tokyo is approximately a 600 kilometers trip, yet bullet trains can carry passengers there in two hours and twenty minutes. That gives me a little spare time to walk around Tokyo station, which is one of  the places full of my fond memories.

                                     the stone bridge with double arches of The Japanese Imperial Palace 
                                                            This is  one of the main symbols of Japan               

                       Tokyo, I have seen from my childhood, has been greatly transformed and will be changing from now on. 
                                         On the other hand, the view of the Imperial palace remains unchanged.

In the 6 months, since I last saw my mother, she had aged.She needed a few minutes to  recognize me. She remembers her husband who died 20 year ago, easily sobbing, but she forgot that her only son died 3 years ago. She still waits for her son comes back from his business trip abroad. Her conversation with me was only “Tomoko, do you still practice piano?”  “Yes, I do” I answered.

She goes to a day care for elderly, where she enjoys many activities every day. Seeing my mother’s serene expression on her face, makes me think that God gave the last gift "peace of mind" in her life. I am very thankful for my younger sister to look after our mother.



   the dome inside Tokyo station, 

                                                                                                                                                                          photo 2013
                                                                             Tokyo station renovated in 2012,
                            which survived in the burned Tokyo by both the great Tokyo earth quake 1923  named" Kanto daishinnsai"
                                       and the the second world war   

                                                                                                     the next evening at Kyoto station

                                                                                    Shinkansen heading for next station'Osaka' and
                                                                                        a conductor checking the safe departure

                                       Dear friends,  Thank you for your visit.  It is time to get back into my daily life! 
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                                                                 Sunlit Sunday of My little home and garden                                                                
                                                                                  Until next time!                                                               


Saturday, January 9, 2016

Tomoko's Diary...January(1)

                                                                                         Happy new Year! 
                                  Dear Friends, I am back.
 The Japanese style, New Year flower arrangement displayed in Kyoto station.

                                                                    2016 is the year of the monkey in Japan.

                                                    The Japanese Zodiac was imported from Ancient China.
                                                                         One zodiac cycle is 
                           “rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon ,snake, horse,sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, boar”.



                                                                       As the first post celebrating 2016, 

                                                          I will show you some monkeys living in the Kyoto zoo.
                                                            These were taken with my 300 mm lens last week.
                                                                                            Nice to meet you!

                                                       As the zoo sign says,  I am clever at  arithmetic though......



                                                                                      We are monkeys too.


                                                                                      Mr. Tiger, your turn will come in 6 years.





                                                                                                     See?  his front tiny teeth!

                                                                                   Happy New Year, sweet animals too!


                                                         May the New Year bring you a lot of happiness and smiles!
                                                     I look forward to sharing with your blog worlds this year too!

                                                  Thank you for your visit.
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Monday, November 23, 2015

Tomoko's Diary...November(3)

                                                                      Dear friends!

                                          It is the best season to enjoy fall leaves in my Kansai region now.
                                             The leaves are proud of their beauty at the very last moment.

                                            I went to Kyoto last week. The fall leaves were bright in the sunlight.
                                                             Let me show you some of Kyoto today. 

                                      This is a part of the garden in Zenrinji temple commonly named ”Eikandou”. 

                                                                                          November 19

                      Being strolling the garden, this atmosphere captured my eyes, where the gate with the brown wall
                                                                   and the autumn leaves well match.


                                                                  I continued my stroll in the city of Kyoto.
                                                       Here, this white wall makes the red leaves look bright.

                                   These fallen leaves looked like they were playing together on the rock wall. Very pretty!



                                                     Especially in autumn, Kyoto becomes very crowded with lot's of tourists.

                                         Although this Kenninnji Zen temple has some beautiful red maple trees
                                           this place keeps its stillness compared to other temples in Kyoto.

                                                                               the oldest Zen temple in Japan              June 18          
                           The garden is created with rocks and sand, we say “Karesansui” meaning a dry landscape garden.
                Using a minimalist design style represents vast oceans and the ebb and flow of water,

                                 which reflects the Zen spirit,

                             Visitors are drawn to the exceptionally fine 'dragon and clouds' on the papered sliding door, 
                                                           painted by Kaihoku Yusho in this temple.

                                                 Is there a touch of humour in this dignified dragon as he gazes at you?

                                                                                                   a visitor doing Zen

                                                                                                  a framed window
                                                                              Thank your for visit.

                                                               I hope you have a  good new week, until next time!              
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