Friday, February 10, 2017

Diary.....February (1)

Hi, Friends!

                                                 On February third, the Ebisu festival was held at our local small shrine.
                                        This festival is to pray for happiness and business success and it is very popular 
                                                  at many shrines in Japan,particularly in the Kansai business district.  

                                              Bamboo is strong and supple, so it’s represented as a symbol of prosperity. 


                                                              This familiar young Miko stands on a stage, 
                                                    handing out lucky bamboo branch to all the visitors, one by one.


                             For many years, my mother-in-law 97 used to walk 10 minutes to the shrine for this festival 
                                with her close neighbors. Now she prefers staying at our home rather than going.
                            Even though we are not a particularly religious family, my husband and I still go to this event 
                                                                    instead of her and we enjoy it.

     Such a lovely smile! I always like this Miko san.  



                                                           Five-minutes drive takes me to this museum. 
                                                     The Ume trees in the garden have just started flowering.
                                Every spring, the museum has a free entry,which reminds me that spring has arrived. 
                                The many locals enjoy the free entry this time of the year,seeing ume flowers. But sadly, the weather 
                                 was fairy cold and windy on the day, February seventh.There were only a few visitors.

                         The museum holds many exhibitions including its seasonal garden and it also hosts music concerts.

                                                                           2016 in the garden

                                                           You will enjoy the  flowers in full bloom next time! 

                                                                                        Have a wonderful February

Thank you for visit.



  1. Love this post as always love learning about your country and traditions and this is no exception. Thank you x

  2. Interesting to read about your culture, great photos too.

  3. Very interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing all your beautiful blossom.

  4. What a fine custom! Ebisu-festival with prayers for happiness and prosperity is GREAT! Somehow a sister of our custom on 2nd Febr. "Lichtmess" when the day is one hour longer, and we look forward into the still young year. Such a sweet Japan angel brings the bamboo! I love small shrines!

    Cherry-blossom: wonderful, every year a new miracle- especially in your country!

    Greetings from the winterforest in Bavaria from Dori

  5. The Ume trees have beautiful blossom. Do these particular type of trees also have an edible plum fruit? We used to have an almond tree in our garden but it was really only grown for the blossom, the nuts never developed. And many flowering cherries don't have fruit which you can eat.

  6. So happy to see you back with your beautiful and interesting photos. The young lady has a such a joyful smile and I think the festival is a lovely idea. Eagerly awaiting your photos of cherry blossoms.

  7. Wonderful photos of your festival and bamboo ceremony. The Museum sounds interesting and its good to get free entry:)

  8. The girl of your great shots is beautiful.
    The festival is a wonderful thing. I look forward to spring and cherry blossoms.
    I hope that once again I will be in you admire
    Blessed days, Tomoko.

  9. what a lovely tradition, I'm visiting from Five on Friday

  10. Tradition very interesting, and the girl gives twigs of bamboo is pretty. Starting to blossom trees have already beautiful flowers. Regards.

  11. That seems to be a most delightful event. I am sure everyone enjoys it.

  12. Tomoko, I love the colours, customs and traditions you show us in your blog. Such a beautiful place.

  13. Interesting five. I'd love to see cherry blossoms sometime.

  14. I like the idea of the bamboo branches. We're not particularly religious, but we find your shrines so peaceful and moving.

  15. It's nice when meaningful events are close enough to attend and I'm sure your mother-in-law has fond memories of being there. Do you plant the bamboo branch you receive from Miko?

  16. I am interested in the golden hat that is worn by Miko san. What is it made of? And does it have a religious significance?

  17. Tomoko..... that is amazing! We were reading each other's blogs at the same time, on opposite sides of the world! Yes it has become a very small world. Modern technology is an incredible gift.

  18. What a fun tradition. I wonder if the bamboo would sprout roots if you were to put it in water for a few weeks. It's a very invasive plant where I'm from, but I love it. Very nice Five!


  19. Lovely photos, Tomoko. Bamboo is a pretty plant, I think, but it can quickly take over a garden here. The Ume blossoms are so beautiful.

  20. Love to see a festival picture.. it is very nice to know different culture..

  21. Tomak San!
    This festival is t pray for happiness business in very popular in japan particulaly in the kansai business district.
    Young Miko stands on a stage handing out lucky bamboo! Your husband with sill go to this event instead of er and your enjoy so much! Every spring the museum has reminds you that spring has enjoy free of the years seeing ume flowers.
    The museum holds seasoned garden and music concerts the flowers in full bloom so much wonderful time.
    It was I love so much of yours!
    Thank you for coming to see me and Have a nice day!

  22. 素敵な巫女さん、「幸せな年になりますように!」と笹を手渡しながらお仕事への充実感と自信が彼女を一層魅力的に輝かせてますね。朋子さんが何枚も撮影したくなったことわかります。先日の雪では早咲の梅が氷漬けになっていましたが、寒い中にも春の足音を感じました。次回の梅のポストも楽しみにしています。


  23. Ha Tomoko
    mooi de gebruiken van je land te laten zien.
    ook het uitdelen van deze takken.
    Prachtig de bloesem de Lente in zicht!
    je foto,s zijn prachtig,
    wens je een mooie week.
    groetjes Christiene.

    Ha Tomoko,
    nice to show the customs of your country.
    Also the distribution of these branches.
    Beautifully Blossom Spring in sight!
    your photo's are stunning,
    wish you a nice week.
    Greetings Christiene.

  24. Very beautiful post! Miko has a pretty smile. I did not know bamboo was a symbol of prosperity. We have a good friend from Tokyo who was an exchange student at my husband parent's home.

  25. 'Miko' is so cute!!!
    And On The First Shot of Chap.5, YOU found out so good branch's lines of the 'Ume(Mume)' tree.

  26. Hello Tomoko,

    Such a great festival to pray for happiness and success of a business.
    The cherry blossom is very beautiful and spring is such a wonderful season when everything comes alive.
    Happy week

  27. you live in a lovely place friend!
    this is wonderful event and she looks Pure and Pretty!
    thank you for delightful post

  28. Wonderful traditions you have and lovely photography of the event and what a beautiful young lady ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a Happy Week ahead ~ ^_^

  29. こんばんは。こんな美人の巫女さんもいるのですか、私も行きたくなりました。 もう、今日は春の陽気でした。

  30. Nice to know about this festival. Wonderful capture.

  31. 初々しい巫女さんです。 この少し寒い季節にぴったり。

  32. Boa tarde, todas as culturas são significativas e é importante conservar, a selecção de fotos é maravilhosa, o sorriso cativante ao entregar os ramos de bambu, é magico.

  33. What a lovely Miko to hand out the bamboo. Her smile never seems forced. I always anticipate your photos of the Ume trees, Tomoko. Can you believe Feb is soon over? I skied today while snowflakes fell. Soon, you will welcome spring.

  34. The bamboo festival sounds lovely. Even if one is not religious it is meaningful to have good thoughts about things.
    I agree, Miko has a lovely smile and task.

    Such pretty blossoms.


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