Thursday, February 23, 2017



There were many days with powdery snow in February this year, which I have found beautiful.
                           I watched the snow falling through my window panes, wishing to see snow creating a beautiful 
                           deep carpet in my garden. But, the snow melted on the ground too soon, as in this part of Western Japan,
                           the climate is usually mild. So, I quickly dressed warmly, hurried outside with my camera.

                                                                                                         temple  garden                            

                                                                                            snow falling on the lantern

                                                                                                         in silence

                                                                                                   tori-i gate


                                                                     Flu is still going around in Japan.
                                       My mother 95 caught the flu, so she was carried to an emergency hospital and 
                                       spent a week in the ICU. Thanks to the excellent medical care, she is recovering now  
                                                       and receiving some rehabilitation in the hospital. 

                                                          It was a miracle to survive this illness at her elderly age.
                                                           I prayed, saying thank you God in my heart.


                                                                       Japanese apricots  flowering  in the warm sunshine.
                                                                     They tell the coming of spring.

                                                                                                       February 19

                                                                   in the garden of our local museum 

                                                                                                  Have a wonderful day. 
                                                                                                    Thank you for visit.



  1. I am happy your mother survived the flu. Such a great medical feat at her age.

    You photos are gorgeous. The blossoms are incredible!

  2. Theseimages are so pretty and the blossom gorgeous

  3. Beautiful and unusual to see Japan in snow (I wish, we had a warmer climate!). Lucky, that your mother has survived and hope, she's well soon.
    The flu is going around in Germany too and I hope for my 90 years old mother not to get it...
    Blooming trees are a big promise to see
    Greetings from Germany

  4. So beautiful photos. The garden is really beautiful in snowfall.
    I was very surprides when I saw you photo #5. Did you take it on 19FEB really?
    Simply unbelievable but it's a good thing because seems spring is already coming :)
    Have a nice day

  5. Pretty snow scenes, and the Spring flowering photos are beautiful!
    I am glad your mother is recovering

  6. What a miraculous post, dear Tomoko! First the soft snow-flakes like white star-greetings from heaven falling into this spiritual place - then the recovering of your mother (95! OH!!) from bad flu- thanks to heaven! And at last the snowflakes changing into apricot-flowers, like white and light-red stars falling into the trees. Great post! Best greetings to you and to your mother from Dori.

  7. Snow, then Japanese apricots ('Mume(Ume)').
    Spring is Near!

  8. The snow makes everything look softer and more beautiful! Your mother will be in my prayers today for a quick and full recovery.

  9. So glad your Mom is doing well again ~ Lovely snow photos and beautiful spring blossoms ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a Happy Day ~ ^_^

  10. Glad that Mom is already good. Snow and flowering apricots, amazing views. Regards.

  11. Hello Dear Tomoko!
    Beautiful winter photos.
    I am delighted with Japanese flowers.
    Kisses and greetings.

  12. Hello Tomoko! Thanks for sharing these beautiful snow photos and how exciting to see that spring is coming in the gardens!
    Glad your dear mother has made a good recovery!
    Best wishes

  13. I visited Japan a year ago. I was on a birding- photography trip. I did see a lot of snow. Your world was beautiful and your images capture it. :)

  14. I'm so glad you got to walk in the snow with your camera, Tomoko. What a contrast it is to see the snow falling and then the blue sky framing the Ume blossoms. You will soon have spring in Nara. I hope your mother is much improved now. We were in Denver over the weekend, and I hoped we wouldn't encounter sickness. So far, so good. It's snowing in Breckenridge today.

  15. I am happy to hear that your mother survived the flu. It seems to be very bad this year.
    Lovely that you made sure to take the snowfall to heart before it disappeared. Your images are lovely.
    The blossoms are beautiful. I think we are still far away from spring blossoms. Lovely day to you.

  16. Your photos of fluffy snowflakes falling are very pretty and at least some snow on the ground has given a wintry effect. In no time you have blossoms on the trees - this won't happen for us until late April.
    Indeed, it is hard for a woman of your mother's age to have the flu and get well again. I am thankful that she is recuperating in the hospital.

  17. Hello Tomoko,

    The snow photos are really lovely but you will be happy for spring weather, and cherry blossoms.
    Glad your Mother is recovering in hospital and hope she makes a good recovery and out soon.
    Have a lovely weekend

  18. Your photos of the gardens with the snow are lovely, Tomoko. Snow is a beautiful thing that we don't see very often, either. I'm glad your mother has recovered from the flu. Have a happy weekend.

  19. I love the pictures especially in silence and glad to here your mother is on the mend.

  20. I often think that Japan is one of the most beautiful places in the world and has such a rich history of culture and tradition, it is definitely a country we would love to visit some day. The photos of the snow look fantastic, we don't get very much of it here so it has a certain magic to it. Hope you have a wonderful weekend

  21. Your photos of the snow in the gardens are beautiful. The red really stands out, but the scene is also so tranquil. The pictures of the cherry blossom are uplifting and very special too. I'm thankful that your mother survived the 'flu and wish her well for a speedy recovery. All the best, Linda :)

  22. 待ちに待った雪の撮影、時間帯も場所もグッドチョイスだったね。朝は気温が低くて粉雪、赤い鳥居やダークな色合いの背景に白い雪がよく見えます。私が出かけた奈良公園では積もった雪で真っ白な背景の中では降っている雪は目立たず、見えるところでは霙にかわってしまい残念でした。もう梅はそこまで咲いてるのですね。気が付けば来週はもう3月なのねとしみじみ思う。お母さま回復なさってよかったですね。

  23. Beautiful photos....found your blog through the Good Fences link-up.

  24. Beautiful apricot flowers. I hope you have a nice weekend with your mother.

  25. Beautiful pictures! Glad to hear your mother is recovering.

  26. I'm glad your Mum is doing better.

    The snow photos are wonderful. We get a lot of snow here in Michigan, but your photos look beautiful especially with the colourful items you photographed.

    Happy Five on Friday!

  27. What lovely photographs. I'm pleased that your mother recovered from the flu.

  28. Happy to hear your Mother is making a good recovery. From winter to spring on your post. Love the powdered sugar snow! Beautiful apricot tree. Have a lovely weekend.

  29. What a beautiful post. The snow scenes were lovely. I'm not a huge fan of winter/snow but I can see the beauty in it. - Such pretty signs of spring with those lovely blooms. - Happy to hear your mom was able to over come the flu, nasty stuff for sure.

  30. Best wishes for your mom's continued recovery. Beautiful photos!! Have a great weekend :)

  31. Please send my best wishes to your dear mother. I wish her continues good health!
    The temple grounds are lovely with a small covering of snow. But I am tired of winter now, and I am eagerly looking forward to spring!

  32. So glad your Mother is recovering, the flu is awful no matter what age you are, but particularly bad for the elderly. What beautiful photos you've posted, temple gates and grounds look beautiful in the snow.

  33. Thank you for your beautiful photos. You and your camera captured the essence of two seasons. Hopefully, the flu has abated for your dear Mother.

  34. The snow photos are so soothing to see, has it is already getting very hot here. Spring cherry tree in bloom is always a delight to witness.

  35. Glad your mother is better. Love your snow photos too

  36. Such beautiful pictures, everywhere looks so glorious. So glad your mother is well again.

  37. Great photos of the snow in the lovely gardens and such a contrast to the blossoming apricot trees. I do hope your mother will be back to full health again soon:)

  38. I always love your photos. Best wishes to you mom for a complete and speedy recovery.

  39. Wishes for your to be healthy soon. Lovely snow pictures Tomoko. Happy sunday!

  40. Wow - your snow shots are gorgeous!

  41. Dear Tomoko, I cannot see any of the photos. I don't know if this is a problem with my browser, or if something has changed about the blog.... but I am sorry not to see them because your pictures are always beautiful! It is almost like a miracle that your mother recovered from the flu at her advanced age - one feels sick enough even when young. I had flu once when I was 25 and I thought i would die, really! Now, I have a jab against it every year. Anyway it is good that your mother is recovering in hospital, she must be a very fit old lady and I hope she is home soon

  42. Thank you for restoring the photos, Tomoko, they are lovely. You have managed to create such an evocative impression of falling snow, the darkness of the shaded background, and the brightness of the falling snow... and it is all almost monochrome except for the bright red of the temple paint. I like your header - the bright pink tree calling out to the world that Spring is on its way!

  43. Such lovely photos! Enjoyed the pretty trees as they begin their Spring bloom. Glad your mother is recovering.

    Wishing you a beautiful week...

  44.  こんばんは。お母様の回復何よりですね。 美しい雪景色とすぐ溶けていく様子は儚さと者のあわれを感じますね。 4月は吉野に行こうと思ってます。箸墓古墳も行くつもりです。

  45. Hallo Tomoko,
    prachtig foto,s in winterse sfeer,en prachtige bloesem!!
    En nu is het wachten op de lente!

    wens je een mooie dag.
    Groetjes Christiene.

    Hello Tomoko,
    beautiful photo's in wintry atmosphere, and beautiful blossoms !!
    And now it's waiting for spring!

    wish you a nice day.
    Greetings Christiene.

  46. Beautiful pictures. I love your garden. It's so pretty. I've had enough snow and am ready for Spring. We have buds on our bushes and trees here. That flu is awful here in the United States too. I wish your Mom well.


  47. I am sorry to be late visiting, but I wanted to wait until the link had closed and I could write to everyone who had taken part. Thank you so much for your support of Five On Friday this week and in the weeks gone by. I do so appreciate it and have really enjoyed reading your posts. I hope that you will enjoy going to the new link up just as much and will continue to take part. I hope that I will still see you at my blog sometimes, I will of course still be visiting you sometimes too! Best wishes and many thanks.

  48. Boa tarde, votos para que a sua mãe tenha recuperado da gripe, as fotos são maravilhosas, mostram na perfeição a beleza da queda da neve.

  49. Dearest Tomoko,
    Wow, you show us lovely photos from Mr. Winter's exit in your region.
    But most important is reading that your dear Mom survived the flu!
    She is but one year younger than my Dad and at that age, things can become life threatening.
    Sending you hugs and blessings!

  50. Beautiful photos! We too had some snow a few days ago but now it has been getting warmer. Hope your mom has completely recovered. Love the photos you shared. Have a great weekend!

  51. Hello Virtual Friend!
    Happy Women's Day, Tomoko.


  52. Your photos are beautiful snows in your window and the garden, mind was so dry nothing in my Rose's desu.
    you has very well to your stiell good Camera.
    I'm very sorry to your Okasama you must had lots worry in your worried with Taihen de Hontone gomen nasai desu Watasino Okasan..omoidasimasu.
    Have a good day Dear Tomoko San!


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