Thursday, March 9, 2017

Diary....March (1)


My two friends drove three hours to see their favorite singers in concert in Osaka.
Using this opportunity, my friends and I arranged to meet for lunch "Okonomiyaki" 
at the "Ground Front Osaka" next to the Osaka station prior to their concert.

                                                  Okonomiyaki is a casual Japanese food cooked on an iron plate, 
                                                               which began and is still popular in Osaka.
chief cook

                                              Here, these young cooks make Okonomiyaki for their customers.
                                         Giving me a permission to take photos of them, they told me, "Go ahead. 
                                                   Take as many as you want!" giving me their big smile.                                              

                                              A lot of sliced cabbage and a little batter are the basic ingredients.
                                To this base other foods are added, such as meat, seafood, noodles, or whatever you want.
                                 I  add tofu and avocado when I make Okonomiyaki at home. Very delicious and healthy.


                                                      They were so friendly. How can I resist showing their great smiles!
                                                                                                noodle Okonomiyaki                                               

                                                                    Thank you again for your nice food, young cooks! 

                                                         It is sad. I missed taking photos of the Okonomiyaki they made for me.
                                                                       Just see here,okonomiyaki.

                                                       The other day, again, I went to Osaka. This is the Osaka Castle garden. 
                                                              Ume flowers were turning to red and pink.       
                                                                                                   Osaka castle garden            

                                                                                       little children hiking with their teachers

                                                                                        Thank you for visit.

          コンサートの為にはるばる大阪に来た友人と 大阪グランドフロントにあるお好み焼き屋さんオモニでランチしました。