Thursday, March 9, 2017

Diary....March (1)


My two friends drove three hours to see their favorite singers in concert in Osaka.
Using this opportunity, my friends and I arranged to meet for lunch "Okonomiyaki" 
at the "Ground Front Osaka" next to the Osaka station prior to their concert.

                                                  Okonomiyaki is a casual Japanese food cooked on an iron plate, 
                                                               which began and is still popular in Osaka.
chief cook

                                              Here, these young cooks make Okonomiyaki for their customers.
                                         Giving me a permission to take photos of them, they told me, "Go ahead. 
                                                   Take as many as you want!" giving me their big smile.


                                              A lot of sliced cabbage and a little batter are the basic ingredients.
                                To this base other foods are added, such as meat, seafood, noodles, or whatever you want.
                                 I  add tofu and avocado when I make Okonomiyaki at home. Very delicious and healthy.


                                                      They were so friendly. How can I resist showing their great smiles!
                                                                                                noodle Okonomiyaki        

                                                                    Thank you again for your nice food, young cooks! 

                                                         It is sad. I missed taking photos of the Okonomiyaki they made for me.
                                                                       Just see here,okonomiyaki.

                                                       The other day, again, I went to Osaka. This is the Osaka Castle garden. 
                                                              Ume flowers were turning to red and pink.

    Osaka castle garden                

                                                                                    little children hiking with their teachers

                                                                                        Thank you for visit.

          コンサートの為にはるばる大阪に来た友人と 大阪グランドフロントにあるお好み焼き屋さんオモニでランチしました。


  1. I enjoyed Okonomiyaki at a cafe in Kobe when we were there. It was one of the things I wanted to experience while I could. Authentic and not out of a packet :)


  2. Yummy food is getting prepared, nice that you enjoyed the food. Ume flowers are really beautiful.

  3. So friendly cooks1 This meal is made with love and joy. Japan spring gardens are very mystical!

  4. Smiling cooks delicious food certainly did. Did you see flowering trees, but I am pleased, too, that children go there on the tour. Regards.

  5. Gorgeous bloosom on those trees and love those sming Chefs

  6. Food looks delicious and happy cooks ~ lovely blossoms of trees and neat wall/fence too ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a peaceful week ~ ^_^

  7. The food looks delicious, Tomoko. The blossoms are spectacular.

  8. I visited Japan in winter. A bid sad I missed all flowering trees. Beautiful.

  9. Hello Tomoko,

    Lovely to see the happy cooks at work and sounds like a delicious meal.
    Pretty blossom on the trees and sweet children.
    Happy weekend

  10. (View Japan)からの続き - なるほど、専属カメラマンのようだったんですね。お店の人達皆さんの笑顔がポスト中に輝いてるよ。グランフロント大阪、お好み焼き、オモニで検索したらこのポストにヒットするかな? 我が家のお好み焼きもキャベツいっぱい、長いも、トロットロのスジ肉とコンニャク入りです。

  11. You pulled out good facial expressions from them.
    It is important for portrait photography.
    By the way, at the first introduction part, who were the singers in concert?
    PS: Section #5, Good Shot!.

  12. The food looks delicious and who could resist those wonderful smiles. The blossom trees are so beautiful, thank you for sharing.

  13. Great post! Love seeing them making the food with such great smiles. The flowers look wonderful. So great seeing all the children walking along.

    Happy Five on Friday

  14. Tell your smiling cooks to come to the USA and start a restaurant - they'd get rich. I wanted to try every one of them.

  15. Oh how I love that castle garden! Lovely shots of the kids and the cherry trees. That food looks and sounds yummy! The cooks look so happy! Great post!

  16. What great smiles the chefs have.... they must really enjoy their work. Beautiful cherry trees. Happy Weekend!

  17. Your friends driving all that way to a concert sound like my daughter, she travels all over Japan to see her favorite band Grand Rodeo.
    Looking forward to meeting you in person Tomoko.

  18. Osaka castle looks breathtaking!

  19. Osaka looks wonderful with all the flowers. My son will be visiting soon too.

  20. Ha Tomoko.
    Mooi dat je mag kijken bij deze vriendelijke koks
    bij het maken van lekker eten.
    ook is het genieten van de de bloemen pracht!
    Wens je een mooi weekend........
    Groetjes Christiene.

    Ha Tomoko
    Nice that you can look at this friendly chefs
    in making good food.
    also enjoying the beautiful flowers!
    Wish you a nice weekend ........
    Greetings Christiene.

  21. My dad's birthday today.... and the anniversary of the Tsunami. Thinking of you in Japan today.

  22. Mmm, the okonomiyaki looks delicious! The smiling cooks make me smile too! Also, your photograph of the Ume tree in front of Osaka Castle is beautiful!

  23. Okonomiyaki looks like a delicious dish, and the smiling cooks are so cute. Beautiful blossoms on the Ume tree. Isn't it wonderful to see signs of spring?

  24. This sounds yummy. I have a cabbage, I might try to make this.
    So glad you enjoyed your friends, meal and smiling chefs.
    The ume blossoms are lovely and make me consider spring.

  25. こんばんは。コックさん達、笑顔が一杯ですね。若くて可愛い子もいますね。美人に撮られるとこうも笑顔が溢れるのかと感嘆しています。

  26. Cute smiles! I've never heard of that dish, but is sounds yummy. Thanks for sharing.


  27. How fun to watch! They seem to be enjoying their job.

  28. Oh gosh - the food and the flowers! Everything looks so lovely!

  29. Lovely and happy cookers. Sure that they like their kitchen :)
    Have a nice week Dear!

  30. Aż by się chciało zjeść takie jedzonko.Piękne kwiaty.Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

  31. your heading photo is beautiful friend!
    i love any dish with cabbage .
    this one looks delicious.
    you did good to share the smile of cookers as they seem so loyal to their work .
    castle garden trees sound interesting as no leaves but so many flowers!

  32. Boa tarde, os simpáticos jovens cozinheiros sabem ir ao encontro das pessoas com saborosos cozinhados.

  33. I hope the young men with nice smiles would read your blog and see that they are famous - all the way to Canada! Your lunch looked delicious.
    Another month or so we'll have cherry and apple blossoms, a beautiful sight in spring.

  34. The Okonomiyaki sounds delicious and I love how happy the chefs look! Osaka castle looks beautiful with the blossom :)

  35. I really enjoyed okonomiyaki near Nara station .... I never managed to get its equal in Tokyo! I love the look of the green roof of Osaka castle against the Ume blossoms, with the white sky. Lovely colours. I am glad you are enjoying March, Tomoko.

  36. Dearest Tomoko,
    Wow, I would have loved to eat lunch with you, all the Okonomiyaki dishes look yummy in those photos.
    Quite interesting how it is made and indeed, very healthy looking too.
    Love the special Ume blossoms in your photos.
    Hoping that meanwhile you enjoy spring time in your region.
    We had a set-back on Wednesday with frost of -4°C and on Tuesday it will be back to warm, sunny and 30°C.
    Sending you hugs,

  37. A wonderful post Tomoko. It was fun to see the adorable children with their teachers and the beautiful blossom trees. I also enjoyed the friendly restaurant. Very gracious of them not to mind being photographed, such happy smiles and the food must have been delicious. Thank you for sharing and also thank you for visiting me. I wish you a happy weekend.

  38. Wow, you have a beautiful new blog header. Very spectacular!
    Have a nice week

  39. Hi Tomoko, this food looks delicious - like a Japanese version of Polish pancake,only more interesting. I've read that food in Osaka is especially good! Thanks for the link. Beautiful blossom too!
    Wishing you a colourful and happy Spring,

  40. That food looks yummy to me, Tomoko! I'm still eating plant-based. Also, the smiles of the young people make me smile, too. I'm thankful for your photos of the Ume blossoms - they brighten my gray day. Happy spring to you and your Family!


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