Thursday, March 23, 2017



The graduation season falls in March in Japan.
                        It is always lovely to see young girls and boys dressed in formal wear going for their graduation 
                             this time of the year. I went to the Kyoto Station building to see my friends the other day.
                        I glimpsed some girls dressed in Hakama around the station, and got to know that a graduation ceremony 
                        would be held at Doushisha Girl's University, located in the center of Kyoto City.After having a pleasant time 
                      with my friends at a tearoom, I decided to drop by the University to enjoy seeing the brilliant graduating girls.
before the ceremony

                                                            They wore a traditional Japanese garment Hakama over a kimono. 
                              Many female students traditionally wear Hakama to their university or college graduation ceremony. 
                                                                            We call them Hakama girls.

                                                                                                  in front of the ceremony hall

                                                                         I liked to see their fashionable colors of Hakama and kimono.  
                 I remember that ,a long time ago,I wore a plain dark blue Hakama over a plain pink kimono to my graduation day.
                                                                           It was simple back then.
                                                                              Congratulations, Hakama girls!                                                                                                                                                                 I felt myself young again.


                                            This is a unique hedge I found while walking in my neighborhood.
                                                                  It is supposed to be over 50 years old.
                                                The house owner has nurtured carefully the hedge of Kaizuka plants
                                                             until it has become a big bonsai looking one.

  Sakura will be in full bloom soon in April.
                                                    April is the beginning of Japan's fiscal year for most of the companies,                          
                                                                        and school years also start from April.

                                                                                                Thank you for visit.