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The graduation season falls in March in Japan.
                        It is always lovely to see young girls and boys dressed in formal wear going for their graduation 
                             this time of the year. I went to the Kyoto Station building to see my friends the other day.
                        I glimpsed some girls dressed in Hakama around the station, and got to know that a graduation ceremony 
                        would be held at Doushisha Girl's University, located in the center of Kyoto City.After having a pleasant time 
                      with my friends at a tearoom, I decided to drop by the University to enjoy seeing the brilliant graduating girls.
before the ceremony

                                                            They wore a traditional Japanese garment Hakama over a kimono. 
                              Many female students traditionally wear Hakama to their university or college graduation ceremony. 
                                                                            We call them Hakama girls.

                                                                                                  in front of the ceremony hall

                                                                         I liked to see their fashionable colors of Hakama and kimono.  
                 I remember that ,a long time ago,I wore a plain dark blue Hakama over a plain pink kimono to my graduation day.
                                                                           It was simple back then.
                                                                              Congratulations, Hakama girls!                                                                                                                                                                 I felt myself young again.


                                            This is a unique hedge I found while walking in my neighborhood.
                                                                  It is supposed to be over 50 years old.
                                                The house owner has nurtured carefully the hedge of Kaizuka plants
                                                             until it has become a big bonsai looking one.

  Sakura will be in full bloom soon in April.
                                                    April is the beginning of Japan's fiscal year for most of the companies,                          
                                                                        and school years also start from April.

                                                                                                Thank you for visit.




  1. How colourful and I love thhose clipped hedges and beautiful Daisies

  2. Beautiful girls look in traditional costumes and good that tradition continues. Beautiful daisies. Regards.

  3. Pretty costumes and a colourful sight! I love hedges which are neatly clipped but in unusual shapes, so I enjoyed your hedge picture very much too. I am glad the spring is on the way too. The large cherry tree outside my window is just starting to come into bloom, but it still has a few days to go before it is completely out. So, Tomoko, please enjoy Spring!

  4. luv the graduation outfits the girls are wearing.
    Beautiful hedge so much character; thank you for sharing

    much love...

  5. Love the colorful ! The Hakama girls are a delight to see ~ and that awesome hedge photo ~ fantastic ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a Happy Week ~ ^_^

  6. Hakama is beautiful. So much nicer than the academic capes we wear in the west. Congratulations to the young women! I enjoyed seeing this tradition!

  7. Such an imposing hedge! The girls look so happy, congratulations to all of them!

  8. the graduation clothing is beautiful and so is that hedge.

  9. Dear Tomoko, I agree carol: The Hakama girls are a delight to see ~ and that awesome hedge photo ~ fantastic ~ thanks!!!!

    A Japanese fairytale, wonderful culture! The cherry-blossom is my LOVE!

    Many greetings from the still grey-in-grey-Bavarian forest and a big compliment to you making such great photos!

  10. Dearest Tomoko,
    Oh how lovely those Hakama girls look in their fine traditional garments!
    Lovely for keeping an ancient tradition alive and having them use it for graduation will involve a lot of pride in wearing them.
    No matter how plain the Hakama was, as you so warmly write about here; it did bring back very fond memories for you!
    Hugs and thanks for sharing, loved that special hedge very much.

  11. The costumes are really colorful. The flower in the last picture is really beautiful.

  12. A lovely post. The girls were delightful and the flowers and the hedge are marvelous.


  13. What a beautiful post, I love the colourful material used for the kimonos. You'll be pleased to hear that my son really enjoyed his okonomiyaki in Osaka yesterday, he sent me a photo of it! Thanks for the recommendation. 😊

  14. How beautiful they look - so bright and colourful. Definitely a celebration. What wonderful photos!

    Happy Five on Friday

  15. Lovely photos. i'm visiting from Five on Friday.

  16. Hello Dear Tomoko!
    Girls in traditional costumes look very beautiful.
    Your photos and blossoming trees are wonderful.

  17. I love that the girls wear their kimonos for graduation! So beautiful! Loved the hedges and the sweet daisies too.

  18. Wonderful photos. The girls all look so festive. That hedge is amazing! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  19. The Hakama girls are beautiful in their kimonos, so colourful and elegant.

  20. The Hakama girls are so colorful and beautiful. And wow! That hedge is pretty darn awesome. I just happen to have something in common with it ... I'm over 50 years old, too. Ha-ha! :) Have a good day.

  21. Such a colourful graduation ceremony keeping cultural traditions alive. It would take dedication to create a hedge like that - very unique.
    Best wishes across the miles!

  22. Beautiful pictures from Japan..

    Please visit:

  23. I love the traditional dresses! I think more countries should have such national pride in their cultural heritage

  24. beautiful indeed. And I wish them a fine future. Thanks for sharing!

  25.  素敵な卒業式の光景ですね。娘がこの様な衣装を着た事を思い出しました。

  26. Wow, 'Taisyou' Era comes ... :).

  27. Ha Tomoko.
    Zo mooi deze ceremonie ,prachtig om te zien deze dames in kleurrijke klederdracht,ook je foto,s ook de Bonsai- heg is prachtig zo ook de Lente bloesem!
    wens je een mooie week
    groetjes Christiene.

    Ha Tomoko.
    So beautiful this ceremony, wonderful to see these ladies in colorful costumes, including your picture, it's also the Bonsai- hedge is wonderful as is the Spring blossom!
    wish you a nice week
    Greetings Christiene.

  28. 今どきの若者それぞれに袴と着物がうまくコーディネートしておしゃれ度が高いですね。朋子さんの袴姿も凛としていたことでしょう。私の大学では卒業式のドレスコードは黒服(デザインと素材は自由)胸には生花のコサージュをつけました。謝恩会は振袖、ドレスが多く袴・着物は少数でした。亡くなった私の祖母の青春は明治時代、袴姿で通学、テニスもしていたらしいです。ご近所の生垣ももっこりして気持ちよさそう。よく手入れされてますね。


  29. Boa tarde, cultura que faz parte do povo, assim as meninas se vestem conforme a tradição para a sua formatura, é importante que a tradição se mantenha, as fotos são reveladoras da beleza.

  30. Piękne kolorowe stroje.Piękna tradycja.Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

  31. Fabulous colourful costumes! Love the hedge - a work of art - beautifully sculpted.
    Thank you for sharing this Tomoko. Lovely photos ....

    Have a great week!

  32. Beautiful shots. Nice to see them traditional attire.

  33. It's a very interesting post for me at the other side of the World :)
    Hakama girls in kimonos are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing and have a great week.

  34. Hello Tomoko,

    Loved seeing your photos with the gorgeous coloured costumes and the blossom in the first photo.
    What an amazing hedge and thanks for showing us a little from your lovely place.
    happy weekend

  35. What could be more spring-like than graduation and those lovely young girls in traditional garb? I like that seeing them brought back memories of your own graduation, Tomoko. That 50 year old hedge is amazing in its height and form! It's still snowing here in Breckenridge, but the snows are becoming more moisture-laden, sometimes starting as sleet. Yesterday, we had thunder snow, and they had to close the ski lifts because of danger from lightening.

  36. The graduates look wonderful in their authentic clothing, such a joy to see.
    I love that hedge, it is trimmed so beautifully with whimsical character. Somehow I feel the spirit of the bushes was honored.

  37. Such wonderful aspects; lovely colors of traditional costumes, too! It's so lovely to see such events like school graduation. Many thanks for all of these, for the beauty shared with us!
    Best regards and a very beautiful month of Spring in April! Alexa


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