Thursday, April 6, 2017



                                  The Sakura blossoms were still budding when I went to Nara Park on March 31.
                    While leisurely strolling through Nara Park, I felt the softly falling rain and watched the ever widening ripples 
                                                               on the pond among the water lily pads.

                                             The color of these  water lily pads was  actually reddish brown 
                                       however, somehow the color turned to pink by my camera without any editing.    I do not know why...... 
                                                                                              March 31                                                                                 

                                             My camera made such a miracle art.I was not certainly disappointed,
                                                 and just added a little light on these photos as an edit.

                                                                                          Looks cold..... but spring is on the way.

                                                                 This is my favorite Japanese antique shop near Nara Park. 
                                                                     They also serve green tea to customers.                                        


                      They have a small garden arranged with the white stones and the old dying trees at the shop's side window. 
                                                      traditional Japanese aesthetic world..Wabi Sabi is here.

                                                This week, finally some early-bloom types of Sakura trees began opening.
                                       I looked cherry blossom forecast up and went to see the Sakura flowering in Kyoto.   
                                                                           Honmanji Temple in Kyoto
                                                                                                                       April 5

                                                                                            Thank you for visit.




  1. Well, the camera helped a lot in the first three photos, because they are beautiful. I love blooming cherry trees and flowers on them. Regards.

  2. I love to walk in a soft rain, Tomoko. Your pond shots are lovely. The ancient cherry trees in Kyoto are amazing with all their blossoms. They are the gift of spring!

  3. Wonderful pictures; amazing views of the pond in rain and so stunning old Sakura trees. Have a very pleasant day and week!

  4. Breath takingly beautiful, Tomoko. This is the time of year I will have to visit!

  5. O these heavenly cherry-blossoms! Sakura trees are as incredible as universe!

    The photos with the round see-rose-leaves and the rain-drops falling into the water are a poem.

  6. A little magic that resulted in rose coloured waterlilies is a spring gift and pretty. The blossoming trees are magnificent, nothing like that where I live.
    Hope you are well Tomoko, best wishes for the weekend.

  7. The cherry blossom is stunning, it must look like a ton of confetti when it falls.

  8. I think I may have to grow cherry trees, I think I would enjoy the blossoms as much as the fruit :)
    Thank you for joining in with Five on Friday, have a wonderful weekend

  9. What gorgeous blossom! You are very lucky to have such beauty near you.

  10. The water lily leaves are great !!!

  11. Such beautiful, calming pictures. A lovely place.

  12. I love the reflections and the blossoms are just glorious. A lovely sign of spring. Here it is grey and rainy. The grass is still sepia coloured now that the snow has melted.

  13. Really beautiful blossom. It looks like you live in a really lovely place. I especially like your photos of the water with the reflections. Lovely!

    Happy Five on Friday

  14. Really pretty images. The Sakura blooms truly are a sight to behold.

  15. So beautiful, the blossom just gets better and better. 😊

  16. All your photos are stunning. The trees are beautiful, makes me want to just go stand underneath one!

  17. Lovely lily pads and such pretty reflections and ripples in the water. And beautiful trees! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  18. beautiful photos...I love the abstract reflections. And the pinks!!!

  19. Hello from Idaho and found your blog though Gatina...Sure hope your day is bless...Coffee is on

  20. As usual, the beautiful photos we've come to expect from you. Looking forward to next week's post.

  21. Such spectacular pictures. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the spring blossoms.

  22. The cherry of the last photo is stunning.

  23. The photos showing reflections are like paintings, lovely! And the cherry blossoms are gorgeous.

  24. 若い水連の葉と雨粒の波紋の共演がいいですね。私も池があると映り込みや波紋などに惹かれ時間を費やします。赤が残っている葉もあれば白くなっているのもありますね。光の魔法ですか。


  25. What beautiful photos Tomoko. Mac has your painting done, you have my email address so send me your address.

  26. Such beauty in your photos:
    the leaves on the water, fun how they turned out pink
    the wabi sabi way: a friend is building a house keeping wabi sabi in mind
    and the flowers, so pretty!

    Lovely weekend to you!

  27. Great reflections, Tomoko ! And the cherry blossoms are fantastic !

  28. Dearest Tomoko,
    Oh, how I wish I could have joined you as those cherry tree blossoms are the most beautiful in the world.
    Japan is the leader in that area and so glad you looked up the forecast and caught the blossoms in time.
    Thanks for sharing with your readers.
    Hugs and happy Sunday.

  29. The waterlily leaves in the rain looked very special too. You are brave for going out in the rain.

  30. The water lili pictures are beautiful ! I also love the cherry trees we have them all along in our street, unfortunately they don't bloom long !

  31. Hello Tomoko!
    Spring, blooming trees in your wonderful country are fantastic.
    I love your excellent photos.
    Blessed days :)

  32. Hello Dear Tomoko!
    All we got to do is follow Christ, for in Christ will all our queries be solved.
    Have a Blessed and Meaningful Easter.

  33. Hello Tomoko,
    What a funny as I took some photos about petals yesterday afternoon.
    Actually it's not uploaded on my blog but you can see one shot on my Facebook site if you want :)

  34. Ha Tomoko, je foto,s zijn prachtige mooi de het rosé  op de bladeren.
    En de bloesem zo mooi om te zien, hier is het ook lente maar wel koud.
    Fijne week ........
    groetjes Christiene.

    Ha Tomoko, your photo, s are the beautiful lovely the rose on the leaves.
    And blossom so beautiful to see, here it is spring but cold.
    Nice week ........
    Greetings Christiene.

  35. your Nara park is remarkably beautiful!
    what gorgeous shot you were able to capture my friend,so magical.
    walking in light rain in such a lovely park and having green tea in such adorable place sounds like you have a wonderful day

  36. Enjoyed the Wabi Sabi and my those cherry blossoms are fabulous!

  37. Hello Tomoko,

    The cherry blossom is so gorgeous and I have enjoyed seeing your lovely photos.
    also the water-lilies are beautiful.
    Happy weekend

  38. Thank you for sharing the beauty Tomoko...
    Enjoy your break!

  39. Beautiful flowers and flowering trees. I tried to make a comment on the latest post but it said "comment closed". Wishing a wonderful weekend and thanks for sharing the natural beauty of your country. Thank you also for your visit and comment!

  40. (Sorry Tomoko I had to delete my previous comment because I mispelled your name). Stunning Sakura trees Tomoko. Thank you for sharing their images. I LOVE everything about the photos of the pond water. They look more like paintings than photos. Your camera might have helped you create those photos, but it was YOU who created those artistic photos. You should frame them.

  41. I dont know who you are, but I feel so connected to your beautiful country and the blog. Always thought Japan is a country worth visiting, and you have made my wish more stronger.


  42. Jakie cudowne zdjęcia. Piękne drzewo. Serdecznie pozdrawiam.

  43. It is so much beauty in your all posts!! I enjoyed so much to see Sakura tree, the historical place of Nene and your park with cherry blossoms, tulips, as well. Magical view of floating pink flowers in the air. I have never had this chance to see myself such moments in Spring. Wonderful pictures as a delight for eyes and soul!
    Have a lovely Springtime in May!


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