Thursday, June 15, 2017



    May 2, it was a beautiful day. I went to see Bugaku, which was held by Todai Temple in the Nara Park. 
What is Bugaku? Bugaku is the ancient Japanese court- dance.
    Bugaku took place during the  Shomu Emperor ceremony to mark his death , which was 1261 years ago,
         when Nara  was  capital of Japan.

  The mask on the dancers  is called Noumen.
Noumen has no expression. But audience see mixed motion and feeling on that. 
                                      The motion of a performer and an angle and shadow makes complex expression.


                                                                                               He is  a kind devil!

                                       This parade by monks started before Bugaku performance in dedication to Shomu Emperor.

                                                                        At the Nandai gate of the Todai Temple

                                                                         May was also the time for golden chain flowering.


                                                           .......... and the time for school excursion.
                                Little boys and girls walked around the Nara park and watched the traditional ceremony.


                                                                        children going back to school by train
                             I was with them on the train until my station. I enjoyed looking at them being merry in the vehicle.

                                    This Mask, which has been displayed on the wall of our Japanese style guest room, 
                                    is  my late father-in-law's Noumen. His coworkers gave it to him when he retired 
                                                           from his work, wishing his long health and smile!

                                                                                                     Thank you for visiting.
                                                                                       Until next time!