Thursday, June 22, 2017


                                                                                 Willy Nilly Friday

                                                                                    Hello, Friends!

                                                  Osaka Station is the biggest and busiest one in Western Japan.
                                If you walk around Osaka station, you will be amazed at the number of trendy shops.
                       Besides the shops, you can also enjoy other areas with various features such as Japanese-style gardens,
                                              seasonal flower beds, small farms and streams on the upper floors.  
                                                                            It is an oasis in the busy town.

                                                   This is the hydrangea on the 11th floor of the station building.

                                                                                                  People enjoy the fresh open air. 

                                                     the Japanese-style garden on the breezy plaza on the 11th floor.
                                                                 Several gardeners work in shifts every day.
                       Coincidentally, I see her every time I come here.I enjoy chatting with the gardener when I meet her here.

                                                                            can see birds bathing on the stream!

                                                               Look at me!

                                                                                    We can Jump like this!!

                                                                             These are  the sparrows living  around the station!



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