Thursday, July 6, 2017

Diary.........July (1)


                                                                                                5 in 5

                                                                             It has been busy last week.
           I took a trip to Tokyo to visit my mother, who has been living in a nursing home since May 2017.
           She survived from bad flue last February, it was magical for her age 95, but the damage from flue result was terrible.
          I appreciate the nursing home’s great help. She is now calm and relax without worries in there. I softly hold her hands, 
           whispering in her ears,  it is me…Mother,Tomoko. She understood who I am, and calmly said (my lovely) daughters….
          Tomoko…Jyunko( her younger daughter).....with a faint smile on her face.  

        When I was a high school student I used to go to school in Shibuya town. I have lot’s of memories from that city, 
            which is colorful and the city for youth culture in Tokyo.I decided to stop at Shibuya station and enjoy my last day in Tokyo.

                                                                              Look at this Shibuya crossing.
                                                 It is one of the best attractions in Tokyo and one of the world's busiest pedestrian crossings.

                                   When the lights turn red at the junctions they all turn red at the same time in every direction. 


                                        Traffic stops completely and pedestrians surge into the intersection from all sides.
                          Up to 2500 people try to cross the intersection at a time. It’s orderly and there is no pushing and everyone is polite.

                                                                                I joined these pedestrians , playing with my camera!

                                                                         Come on! everyone, Hurry, move! 

                                                                                                            Walk and run!


                                         This is a train monument used from 1947 to 1977, and now still alive as a travel bureau.


                                                I went back to Kyoto station by Shjnkansen at night after leaving Shibuya.
                                                            My home in ancient beautiful town, Nara, is soon!

                                                                                                    Thank you for visit.

                                                                                         Until next time.