Thursday, July 20, 2017

Diary....July (2)

Hi, Friends!


Nara Park, which is a public park of about 660 hectares, is home to hundreds of freely roaming deer. 
                        Although the deer are wild animals, they are remarkably tame and smart.Considered in Shinto religion 
                        to be messengers of the gods, the deer are not  caged.They are allowed to roam free around the large
                        expanse of the Park and are protected carefully here.You will be greeted by the cute deer at the Park.


                                       It was raining when I went to the Park one day in June,and the ground was  wet. 
                                       I found the deer signs showing up clearly. 

Look! a herd of deer are crossing a crosswalk
They understand .....the red signal?

                                                                                               Deer! Hurry! Cross the street! 


                   Currently the deer population of Nara Park is around 1,200.Unfortunately, car accidents involving deer happen each year.
                   The 'Foundation for the Protection of Deer in Nara Park' has made an effort to protect them, so the popularity of 
                    the deer has been kept.

                              Thank you for visit.

                                                                               Until Next Time!


  1. These are exactly the Deer Roads.
    Great, Nara!!!

  2. Amazing to see deer on the streets!

  3. The deer do not look scared at all, bless.

  4. The deer at the crossing is a great photo, Tomoko. Love this post.

  5. Dear Tomoko, thank you for sharing this series of photos about the deer in Nara Park! It is amazing to see them cross the streets so casually!

  6. Oh boy ~ a herd of deers loose on the street! Great captures!

  7. LOVE!! WONDER! The biggest miracle you find in the human heart: Great compliment to the sensitive contact in the middle of the street between humans and deer! Thank you! Greetings to you and to Japan!

  8. Great shots! Here the deer population just roam wild on country roads. It would be nice to have this kind of efficiency! Thanks for linking up today and have a GREAT weekend!

  9. 雨の日のしっとりした空気が感じられ、道路も濡れて鹿注意の絵が浮き上がり綺麗。斜め横断の鹿たちは案内図の前でえさを持っている方がおられるからかな?鹿の交通事故で一番多いのが向かい側の歩道の人が食べ物をもっているのをみての飛び出しだそうです。

  10. I would love to visit that park, I love seeing deer and am happy that some places they are revered and protected.

  11. What a great park....I enjoyed seeing all the cute deer!! Thank you for linking Tomoko! Have a great weekend 😊

  12. ...oh my, and I thought that we had a lot of deer in this area. I like the markings on the road!

  13. a park especially for deer . . this seems excellent to me
    they are so beautiful . . Thank you for taking time to share with us.

  14. Hello dear Tomoko
    I am surprised that roe deer live in a big city and feel good there.
    They walk in tall grass and they are very wild.
    Tomoko, your photos as always excellent.
    Blessed days.

  15. That was quite a big herd crossing the street! Nice photos.

  16. Hello Tomoko, I love all the pretty deer. I hope they stay safe crossing the roads. What a wonderful park. Great series of photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

  17. Lovely little deer! They aren't afraid to b around people at all!

  18. What a wonderful place! I love that they roam free. I would love taking photos of them all day :)

  19. Your pictures took me back to the nara park today, Tomoko san. Thank you! The deers of Nara park are so wonderful, not being caged is such a beautiful way to meet them. I still remember how they were constantly behind your bag for the crackers, these are smart fellows for sure!! Wish you a great week ahead.

  20. So lovely and animal friendly park! This protection is highly appreciated.
    Thanks for sharing and have nice week dear!

  21. I wanna come to Nara and say Hi to these deary deers!!!

  22. こんばんは。以前は鹿に注意のこのサインは無かったですね。鹿に絡む交通事故が増えているのですね。この鹿たちは野生ですね。よ元気ですけど毛並みは良く無いですね。ストレスがあるのでしょうか。

  23. The deer are beautiful animals. I am glad that Japan makes all the possible to protect them. We have a good amount of them here in the US as well. Thank you for your visit and comment!

  24. OH I am so happy that I selected your blog to visit this particular day, because I have also posted many deer images, however mine are in KY and are White-tailed Deer. You got some wonderful images of the deer where you are. Wonderful!

  25. Dearest Tomoko,
    Oh Nara park looks like a fairytale but like you mention already, unfortunately some will not survive in the traffic.
    So said for knowing these elegant animals getting hurt by a car...
    Thank you for sharing and sending you summer hugs,

  26. It is fun to see the large deer crossing signs. Here and maybe there they put the signs where deer tend to cross. They seem to use the same places often. There are also lots of wildlife accidents here. Some places create under road passages for animals with fences along the roads. That works well.

    Fun to see your photos. Lovely summer days and nights to you!

  27. I am surprised - a beautiful park and the many confidant deer - wonderful.
    Blessed day

  28. Moja córka też tam była kilkanaście dni temu.

  29. Cudowne zdjęcia. Świetne przejście dla saren.Niesamowity park.Serdecznie pozdrawiam.

  30. Hello Tomoko,

    I loved seeing the beautiful images of the deer crossing in the park. They must be quiet to be walking around like that and used to cars and people.
    Hope you are having a lovely break

  31. Lovely blog, posts ant pictures -
    Congrats and Thank you very much for sharing!
    Sofia, Bulgaria

  32. Thank you for your comment, Tomoko. It's so long since I looked at my blog comments, I didn't see it till now. I was thoughtful when I saw your post on Hiroshima. It does not seem so long ago since I spent that unforgettable day there.


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