Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Diary.....September (2)


                                                                                 Time goes by so quickly!
                         I returned home after spending a week at my younger sister's house, the sister who lost her husband in July.
                         Being with her was the only thing I could do to help her, I thought. Although she was busy doing many things
                         after her husband's death, we shared plenty of time talking.I hope she is going to find a new life by herself, 
                         dealing with her grievous loss.

                                                                       From Kyoto to Nara

Here I am picking some photos from my summer vacation.

                                            Nara Park has been our granddaughter's favorite place from when she was a little baby. 
                                   She likes to see Nara deer, giving crackers to them, now that she is very good at feeding Nara deer.


                                                                             No more crackers! Enough!
                                                                The Nara deer understood its manners well. 


The following day
                  Kinkaku Temple shone surprisingly bright under the gray sky, which is one of the most famous temples in Kyoto.
                 The temple itself is very unique. It is more lavish than other temples in Japan.  There are a lot of tourists, 
                  so taking pictures here is quite a challenge. Also you have to find a spot where there are no tree branches hanging down 
                  into the frame. 

                                                  After our stroll at Kinkaku Temple we continued walking to Ryoanji Temple.

                                                                                                                       Ryoanji Temple
                                 It is indeed a simple garden, in which white sand is spread, and on it fifteen rocks are arranged
                                    into five islands in a small space of twenty-two by ten meters.

    My husband is always willing to click shutters when he was asked.

                                                                                       I hope you enjoyed Kyoto and Nara deer.


                                Thank you for visit.