Friday, September 8, 2017

Diary..... September (1)


It is glad to be back blogging again.
              I had busy summer with many things, and some of them are still going on. 
                                                                     I am picking some photos from my summer break.

                                             Our granddaughter flue to Nara (my town) and spent a few days with us.
                                                 She said she wants to write about Kyoto on her summer school homework.
                                                So my husband and I decided to take her to some temples and stroll ancient streets
                                                in Kyoto. Kyoto is 40 minutes from my house by train.It was extremely hot day.
                                                             Kiyomizu Temple and Kyoto city

                                                             Koudaiji Temple

                                                                            This is a Japanese style paper fan shop. 


                                     Our granddaughter enjoyed choosing some souvenirs for her school friends at the shop.



                                                            It was interesting to see the young male  assistants in the colorful aprons at the shop.
                                                             The material of this apron is called Kyoto Nishijin brocade. 
                                                 The combination of the traditional material and young fashion is something new.


                                        We often needed to get cold water bottles at vending machines here and there.
                                              But this pure green tea Kyoto offers was the best to cool down my throat.

                                  My husband and I took a trip along the coastline of Shikoku island at the end of August.
                                                                     the Seto Inland Sea in the early morning 


                                                 This is one thing I am still sad to write: my younger sister lost her husband July 30.
                                       He passed away after two-month battle with cancer.
                                       Death is a part of life, but how sad to see someone travel to the other world, leaving many 
                                       loved ones feeling bereft behind.
                                       Every moment, I think of my sister, who lives away from me, being in deep sorrow.
                                       I will spend several days with her after his first memorial ceremony in Honganji Temple in Tokyo, 
                                       which will be held next week, when we have a lot of things to talk over.

                                                                                        Wishing you a good day and weekend
                                                                                       Thank you for visit.
                                                                                    I will visit you very soon.



  1. ...such lovely shots, the first one is my favorite.

  2. Your world looks like a dream come true to me . . .

    I am sorry to read about the passing of your sister's husband . . . thank you for sharing so gracefully.

  3. Japan is a lovely place to serene and beautiful. Sorry to hear of the passing of your brother in law.

  4. Beautiful photos and the aprons are very special! Sorry to hear about your sisters husband, a sad time for her and her family. Thank you for taking part in 5in5 this month.

  5. I am happy to see you back, Tomoko. I am sorry your sister lost her husband and so quickly. Not enough time to be a customed to his being sick and then he is gone. I am sure she will be happy to see you next week. Take care.

  6. Dear Tomoko, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. It is difficult for the loved ones who are left behind to go through the loss. May peace be with your sister and healing as time permits.
    Life is all about joy and sorrow, thank you for sharing it all.

  7. So sorry to hear about the loss of your sister's husband! He wasn't ill for every long. Glad you are going to go see her. Loved seeing the temples, and the traditional fabric aprons were just beautiful!

  8. いろいろあったようで、楽しいことも悲しいことも含めて人生だなぁと感じます。京都はとりわけ暑かったでしょうが、頼りになるおばあちゃんとの旅をお孫さんは楽しまれた様子。確かにジーンズと西陣のエプロンの組み合わせは斬新でお洒落、さすが朋子さん、目の付け所が素晴らしい。妹さん、ご主人との別れは悲しみに浸り悲しみと向き合うことでゆっくりゆっくり乗り越えられるよう祈ります。

  9. Condolence to you on the lost your brother-in-law.
    Welcome back!
    And Good Japonisum Shots.

  10. Dear Tomoko, my feelings go to your sister! May the angles tell her about a big happiness for her beloved husband - now in heaven, not being really far away, sending some necessary power to her! Listen softly - maybe you get some answers from the light word without pain...

    The templps hold the spiritual contact between heaven and earth. I see this so beautiful through your photos!

    Fine to see you here again!

  11. The colors are absolutely amazing - love the paper fan store and the young men's aprons. What a delight for your granddaughter to have such a tour. And our sympathies for loved ones who have passed away. Have a nice week ahead.

  12. Beautiful yellow rose. Those aprons are lovely - I want one! Looks like you had a nice visit with your granddaughter. I hoe you have a good week ahead.

  13. I do not know your sister, and I will probably never meet her, but please tell her that I am so sad to know her husband has passed away, so suddenly. I hope you have a good visit with her and help her through her sadness.
    On a happier note, your granddaughter had a great time seeing the temples, how delightful for her. I am envious as I'd love to see them too! And I want to buy a paper fan and one of those beautiful aprons. And perhaps a taste of the ice cold green tea.

  14. Those aprons are really very lovely - and so are your photos.

  15. So nice to have you back to blogging. Sending my condolences on the loss of your brother-in-law. Losing someone close is always so difficult even though it is part of life. I love the photographs of the temples and the colourful aprons. You are so lucky to be able to spend time with your granddaughter.

  16. Such beautiful pictures. My daughter would love to visit and take us with her. We will have to save for that trip first. I love the young fashion. The rose is very beautiful !
    Hugs from The Netherlands.

  17. Beautiful temple and lovely handicrafts.

  18. I have always wanted to visit Kyoto. Lovely images. Your grand-daughter is lucky to have grandparents that will help her schoolwork by taking her to Kyoto! fun to see some of the shops. I would rather have green tea than water! Sorry to hear about your sister's husband. I'm sure you be a great help to her. Happy Monday!

  19. Lovely to have your company today for Mosaic Monday, I so enjoyed visiting Kyoto with you for a little shopping and seeing the breathtaking scenery.

  20. Beautiful photos. The last photo of the flower is just gorgeous:)

  21. Hello Tomoko,

    I wish you and your sister a lovely time together. Surely you will help to life the burden of sorrow some.

    Lovely to hear about your granddaughter and the things you did together.

    That green drink looks appetizing to me.

    Thank you for sharing with me about the Guardian God, that is nice to consider.

    Lovely day and beyond to you ~

  22. Dziękuję, kocham góry.
    Nie wiedziałam, że mieszkasz w Nara. Moja córka ostatnio ją zwiedzała. Ostatnio mieszka w Osaka, wcześniej była w Chiba.

  23. Tomoko - so sorry to hear about your sister's husband. Earlier this summer my sister lost her husband suddenly from a heart attack - it is a terrible adjustment for everyone, and so important that family is there for support. I am sure you will be a blessing for her. Thank you for sharing the lovely photos of Kyoto - it is interesting to me how 'old' fashions come back again!

  24. What beautiful photos and so nice of you to share, warm greetings to you and stay strong for your sister, so sorry about your loss.

  25. Tomoko, first I will say that I am sorry for your sister, and I am glad you are able to give her support.
    I'm glad I didn't have to travel in the very hot weather, but the green tea looks good. I really like the picture of the traditional fabric copied onto jeans (if that is what the picture shows). I can't quite see what the outfit looks like but I always like to see embroidery or colourful designs on the normally-dull blue jeans! I hope you are enjoying the start of autumn now.

  26. Welcome in the blogger world again!
    As I see it was a very good decision because Kyoto is a wonderful city on your photos.
    The summer was extremly hot here in Budapest as well. Sometimes over +40C degrees. I didn't like it.
    Have a nice week.

  27. Dearest Tomoko san,
    So very sorry to read about the tragic death of your brother-in-law.
    Yes, distance is not easy when things like this happen... But your sister will be glad when you visit her.
    Cancer is a lost battle for so many!
    Spending time with your granddaughter was very refreshing and you created a lovely day for her and for us to enjoy, from your photos!
    Thank you for sharing and stay well.

  28. Dear Tomoko,

    Lovely to be able to show your dear grandaughter around Kyoto and I enjoyed seeing all your wonderful photos. It is a great place where you live.
    Sorry to hear about the sad news of your brother in law, sending love and my condolences.
    Enjoy the weekend

  29. こんばんは。漸くカムバックですね。瀬戸内海の写真が素敵ですね。妹様のご不幸に胸が痛みます。

  30. Ha Tomoko,
    je hebt een mooie vakantie gehad samen met je man, mooi foto,s
    en de natuur.
    fijn dat je er weer bent, wens je veel plezier met het bloggen.
    wens je een mooi weekend!
    groetjes Christiene.

    Ha Tomoko,
    You have had a nice holiday with your husband, beautiful photo, s
    and nature.
    Glad you're there again, wishing you a lot of fun with blogging.
    wish you a nice weekend!
    greetings christiene

  31. I enjoy your beautiful pictures!
    All the best Crissi

  32. Dear Tomoko,
    I could almost feel the heat in your photos of Kyoto. I had to smile at your refreshing green tea. I have a hot green tea most mornings now and think you'd be pleased. Your granddaughter is growing - mine, too! I'm so sorry about your brother-in-law's passing. I hope you and your sister had a comforting visit. I'll e-mail you soon.

  33. Dear Tomoko: Glad to see your blog. I too have resumed blogging after a long break. Your post is always interesting informative and incredible.Thanks for the virtual tour of Kyoto. Loved the colorful pictures.Hope your grand daughter vwas happy and wrote a nice project report for her school.
    Also sad to learn about your sister losing her husband. Hope God give her and the family all the strength and courage to deal with this grievous loss. Warm Regards

  34. good topic thanks for post for sharing on website ..


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