Thursday, October 5, 2017

Diary....October (1)


In August, my husband and I went on a trip along the cost line of the Seto Inland Sea for two nights . 
       It was fun and the weather was beautiful.

                                                                  This is our first destination,Awaji island. 
                                                                            My husband asked me to get into a gondola.
                                                      I stepped reluctantly into the gondola,but soon found the view exciting!                                       

                                                                   The Seto Inland Sea  is where tidal whirlpools can be seen, 
                                                        but unfortunately there were not many dynamic whirlpools that day.         

                               We visited the walkway's observation room on the Naruto long-Bridge, sitting 45m above the whirlpools 
                               which can be seen through glass windows set in the floor. Some boys enjoy walking on the glass,
                                                                         taking a glance at the below.

                                                                                                                       a little baby too

                           My husband aimed to fish on the second day of this trip, and I planned to explore the Seto Park on my own. 
                                                                                            I was so excited!

                                                                            the Seto long-Bridge from the Seto Park

                         While I was checking the bus time schedule heading for the Seto Park at the bus stop, one young lady approached me 
                         and said, "Why don't we share a taxi, I will also go to the park." There was no reason to refuse her offer, 
                         because I found that the bus heading for the park goes a long way around to get there.  But, my trip with her was 
                         not limited to only sharing a taxi. Because she then looked up on her phone the best things for us to see in the park.
                              She was smiling and allowed me to visit some spots.How could I just pay half the taxi fare with such a kind young lady? 
                        When we said goodbye after spending 2 hours she gratefully said, "At least let me buy you a cold tea in return!" 
                          She was a positive, smiling person. I am not an aloof person.we just clicked!

                                                                                                 the second night , the Seto Inland Sea

                                                    Last but not least,my husband's fishing catch was five grunts! Not too bad! He was happy too!
                                                                          This was a story of our trip  in August. 



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