Thursday, November 9, 2017

Diary...November (1)


Hello Friends!

         Mosaic Monday    

   Roses are still flowering.
                                              After a month of busy days, now I find myself getting back to normal.
                                              Though it was a cloudy day and a bit late to see roses blooming here, 
                              I walked to a rose garden in the local temple, where I sometimes drop in during spring and autumn.

                                Some roses were damaged due to the recent typhoon, but I enjoyed puttering in the garden, 
                                and then had some sweets and green tea at the tea terrace as usual.

                                                               The autumn air seemed to flavor the green tea.
                    This is a composite photo I made by playing with my Photoshop, layering two photos taken in the garden.

the original photos 
the restaurant in the entrance of the temple ...and tea at the tea terrace in the rose garden


                                       the moment of the roses in a glass vase shining in the sunlight and the reflection 
                                       on the frosted glass table. I clicked the shutter.

This is the photo of the annual rose festival taken in the garden last spring.
                                                                                                       May 21     

marching band going up to the main hall of the temple

This is also a composite photo. 
 roses dancing with the drum music resonating in the garden
Do you like it?

Thank you for visit.

I will visit you soon.