Thursday, November 9, 2017

Diary...November (1)


Hello Friends!

         Mosaic Monday    

   Roses are still flowering.
                                              After a month of busy days, now I find myself getting back to normal.
                                              Though it was a cloudy day and a bit late to see roses blooming here, 
                              I walked to a rose garden in the local temple, where I sometimes drop in during spring and autumn.

                                Some roses were damaged due to the recent typhoon, but I enjoyed puttering in the garden, 
                                and then had some sweets and green tea at the tea terrace as usual.

                                                               The autumn air seemed to flavor the green tea.
                    This is a composite photo I made by playing with my Photoshop, layering two photos taken in the garden.

the original photos 
the restaurant in the entrance of the temple ...and tea at the tea terrace in the rose garden


                                       the moment of the roses in a glass vase shining in the sunlight and the reflection 
                                       on the frosted glass table. I clicked the shutter.

This is the photo of the annual rose festival taken in the garden last spring.
                                                                                                       May 21     

marching band going up to the main hall of the temple

This is also a composite photo. 
 roses dancing with the drum music resonating in the garden
Do you like it?

Thank you for visit.

I will visit you soon.



  1. What beautiful photos Tomoko and I like the way you have played with Photoshop to create new images. Thank you for taking part.

  2. Beautiful photographs. I particularly like the last composite photo with the dancing roses!

  3. The first shot, pink roses is beautiful.
    Multiple exposure effect is interesting.
    The first one seems to be too strong at overlapped with Matcha, especially lights.
    (Two separated original shots are each nice shots...)
    The second one seems to have good effect.
    (I'd like to see over red roses...)

  4. 面白いことを始めましたね。新しいイメージを創り出すのは楽しい。最後のお写真、フェアリーテールの世界のよう。可愛い子供たちも伝統を守ってくれてますね。薔薇の精の衣装なのかな。光、影、反射、屈折・・・レンズを通してみる世界に魅了されます。写真って楽しいね。

  5. Your photos are beautiful and my favorite is the last composite. Lovely with the roses! Thank you for linking up today and I hope to see you back again next week!

  6. Hello Dear Tomoko!
    Beautiful your photos.
    The last photo with roses is fantastic. I am delighted with it.
    Thank you for this beautiful post.
    Blessed weekend.

  7. Hi Tomoko, your photos are beautiful,especially the last.
    Looks like you're having fun with this process.
    The procession is interesting - it reminds me of the fairytale Pied Piper!

    Happy weekend!

  8. Love the composite photos, Tomoko. I've never tried it.

    I enjoy green tea too. I'd love to try it in Japan.

  9. Wow, roses in this winter period? Very interesting!
    Your new blog header is very spectacular. Congratulations!

  10. Dear Tomoko, fine to see your photos!

    I love roses, special also in autumn. We have a legend, that Franz and Klara should not meet again. It was in winter. Franz said to Klara: We will see us again, when the roses blow. Klara went sad back through the forest. OH! Suddenly she saw in the snow roses flourishing! She hurried back to Franz and said: The roses blow! We can walk again together!

    So lovely rose-children! This Japan custom is very beautiful!

  11. Beautiful photos Tomoko. I am glad that all is well after the stormy weather and there are roses still in bloom. I enjoyed seeing the refreshments of green tea, the sugar rose and the rose festival procession. Wishing you a peaceful weekend.

  12. Amazing photos & that last one of dancing roses is fantastic - well done you! I like the idea of a parade & festival just for roses.

  13. Dear Tomoko,
    last night i saw in Italy a program Tv, where I saw the Shibuya- crossing.
    I immediately thought to you and at your post; i talked to my husband that already i known the crossing :)
    I love your blog and your photos.
    Wonderful the annual rose festival.
    ciao ciao

  14. Ha Tomoko, fijn dat je weer terug bent.
    Prachtig foto,s met rozen,ook de kinderen
    in de kleding van Japan, heel prachtig!!
    rozen en muziek,heel bijzonder!
    Lieve groet

    Ha Tomoko, nice to be back.
    Beautiful picture, s with roses, also the children
    in Japan's clothes, very beautiful !!
    roses and music, very special!

    with kind regards

    Ha Tomoko, nice to be back.
    Beautiful picture, s with roses, also the children
    in Japan's clothes, very beautiful !!
    roses and music, very special!

    with kind regards

  15. your images are so lovely... a breath of fresh air. Good job on composition of the composite picture... nice blending of color and lines! LeeAnna

  16. The roses are beautiful - and so nice to see this late in the year. I have never tried to make a composite photo - I love the combination of the green tea with the roses!

  17. What lovely composite pictures. I like them very much, each of the two photos contributes its own atmosphere to the composite. I wish there were roses growing in England in November. The few that do linger on, are very out of season and they no longer seem scented like they do in summer. They look like flowers that should be somewhere else!

  18. Dearest Green Tomato,
    Personally I'm more in favor of just simple, good photos that show what we are looking at...
    Love your green tea with sweets photo, that was a rose form too.
    And the beautiful rose in the glass vase with the rose hips is a dream.
    Sending you hugs,

  19. So beautiful lovely shots!
    Happy week
    ♥hug Crissi

  20. Your photos are all lovely and filled with beautiful roses. I love to puter in the garden, too. Cute kids in the band.

  21. hello,
    your last composite photo is so lovely, full of life, joy and beauty.
    I really like the idea of a season flavoring one's tea. It also seems so right to have a festival for the rose.

    Lovely day to you ~

  22. Beautiful photos, Tomoko. The lights and the rose composite image is so lovely. Pink roses are my favourites, I think, although all roses are beautiful. Have a wonderful week.

  23. Lovely roses and scenes from the festival and the gardens, I do like your composite photos, thank you for sharing it all with us on Mosaic Monday.

  24. Beautiful traditions and lovely roses!

  25. Oh such beauty. I love the composite photos - I might just give that a try sometime. Your roses are gorgeous, and such a nice treat so late in the year. I wish I could hear the children playing their music.

  26. Since we already have snow here, it is refreshing to see roses are still blooming somewhere! Your last composite is exquisite.



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