Thursday, November 23, 2017

Diary....November (2)

                                                                                                             Hi, Friends!

                                                 Kyoto is absolutely gorgeous during autumn foliage season and very crowded.
                                             This was  the beginning of autumn leaves in Koudai-ji Temple in Kyoto. It was a quiet day.

   This temple established in 1606 is commonly known as Nene's house. 
 Nene was a shogun's wife, who spent the latter part of her life there
founding the Buddhist temple  as a nun.

I really love returning to this temple, because I always sense the soft, gentle spirit of Nene there.
                                                                        Nene's room  and her garden,the east side,   November 6

                                                                Just one cherry tree stands alone in the garden, the south side.
                                       To my joy, the leaves had not fallen when I arrived there, but soon it will go into a time of rest.


                                                Please see this shabby looking tree dressed up in the delightful pink petals in spring. here

This is the red leaves in my local Temple in Nara city.
at the entrance of the main hall
                                                                     November 13

                                                                                                on the moss in the Temple's garden

                                                                                                               next to the moss

                                                                                                            Thank you for visit.

                                                                                   Have a wonderful day!



  1. The temple looks wonderfully serene!

  2. ...Tomoko, thanks for sharing these gorgeous calming images!

  3. Hello Tomoko! The temple is gorgeous, what a lovely peaceful place. The fall colors and trees are just gorgeous. Wonderful post and photos. I want to say thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. Have a happy day and weekend ahead.

  4. Yeah, I remember for this temple. It is really unbelievable space and your photos are beautiful.
    Have a great day

  5. Stunning Autumn scenes! Thank you Tomoko!

  6. Such a beautiful way to show autumn though windows Tomoko. Great captures! You have a great photographer’s eye.

  7. What scenes of coloured autumn-leaves in community of the temple! A feast ! A real dream!

  8. The first shot is effective by 'One point of the red color in frame'.
    This one is my favorite.
    (Did a new Wide Angle Lens come?)

  9. How beautiful in every direction. You can just feel the calmness going over you, just looking at the photos!

  10. お気に入りの場所は四季折々の違った様子を見たくなる気持ちわかります。毎年大谷素廟へのお参りの度に前を通るのですがまだ参拝したことのない高台寺を時々見せていただけて有り難い。障子越しの柔らかな光、季節とともに変わる庭の様子を見ながら暮らせるなんていいですね。ご近所のお寺の燃える赤は息をのむほど見事だけれど、高台寺の秋の枝垂れ桜も黄金色の花が咲いているようで素敵だと思う。毎日寒い、少し暖かくなってほっと一息つきたいです。

  11. What a peaceful place, and a glorious view. And I always love to see trees with weeping branches.

  12. So beautifully serene. Fabulous shots.

  13. Dearest Tomoko,
    Well, that is what I do admire about the Japanese and about Japan; the attention to detail and the direct link to nature around us. That indeed completes the circle of life and happiness and Nene no doubt managed to pass that serenity on to others. Would have loved to meditate there, just to be and ponder and connect with our Creator.
    Your photos are very perfect and indeed still containing full color and leaves on the branches.
    That cherry in its weeping form looks like it is bending down to us. for wrapping us in protection.
    Sending you hugs,

  14. Thank you Tomoko for this wonderful photo tour! What a delight! :-)

  15. Fabulous shots from a serene place! I love your autumn colors.

  16. Oh so beautiful, Tomoko ~ how lucky you are to be able to visit such exquisite temples.

    1. Tank you for visiting and your comment,Alex.
      How have you been? I miss your blog.

  17. Delightfully captivating images. Thanks for sharing !


  18. Lieve Tomoko,mooie foto,s van uit de tempel,
    met uitzicht op de bomen met prachtige gekleurde bladeren
    zo mooi is de herfst....en koud.

    Dear Tomoko, beautiful pictures, from the temple,
    overlooking the trees with beautiful colored leaves
    autumn is so beautiful ... and cold.


  19. Such magical colors of autumn, Tomoko-san! I imagine myself in the temple sitting in silence and drinking the poetry of the landscape along with you. So happy to see the comments section open, hope you are well, many thanks for sharing the beauty of Japan.

  20. such beautiful glimpses
    that cherry tree is a precious presence
    this is all so different than anything here
    and offers a peaceful feeling

    lovely days and nights to you ~

  21. Dear Tomoko, thank you for sharing beautiful autumn scenes from inside Nene's house. They give one a sense of peace. The cherry tree in the garden is lovely in autumn and special when the cherry blossom is out. You are fortunate to have beautiful temple gardens in Nara. The trees are lit up with red and gold leaves. I love the fallen leaves resting on the mossy rock. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving kind comment. Wishing you peaceful days ahead.

  22. 室内外を共に一枠の中に構え、全体をしっかりと描写されて素晴らしいです。
    混雑の中でさぞかし、辛抱して撮影なさったのでしょう。 構図と設定を両立させるのは至難の業です。



  23. こんばんは。北政所はどんな思いでここに来ていたのでしょうか。秀吉の死後の事を思うと、何とも言えない気持ちになります。
     露と落ち 露と消えにし 我が身かな 浪速のことは 夢のまた夢 秀吉

  24. Hello Tomoko,

    Japan must be so beautiful at this time of the year and loved seeing all the wonderful Autumnal colours.
    Hope you are enjoying the week

  25. I love the way you have framed the scene through the windows. It does seem like a very peaceful place to spend time. Thanks for taking us on a visit there.

  26. Gorgeous autumnal aspects, Tomoko! A delight to see all of these shades of leaves and to admire the cherry trees in Fall!
    A lovely new week to you!

  27. You photographed a spectacular fall, Tomoko. The weeping cherry is so graceful. I like how you framed your photos. The moss makes a wonderful background for the colorful leaves. I think of you and your Family often. Stay well.

  28. The autumn and beautiful nature colors around the temple are wonderful. Joy to look at this place. * I'm lucky after the procedure and now I'm practicing and I will hope better and better. I greet and wish my sister a successful operation and as little pain as possible.


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