Thursday, December 21, 2017



                                                          Hi, Friends!
                                                        Christmas Greetings shine from Japan's Kyoto Station.

                       At the end of every year, I look forward to seeing the Christmas illuminations in the Kyoto Station.
                 The whole station is filled with solemn Christmas music resonating which makes the atmosphere rather quiet and 
                 respectful. I have now posted from the station four times.Here are more romantic time at night and the art of lights.

on the third floor of the Kyoto Station

on the rooftop of the Kyoto Station building 
Not many people would go up to the top away from the Christmas tree though...

                                                                                This is  my favorite place on the rooftop,Wedding Bell.                              
                                             There was a couple besides me there. They noticed me having a camera after they were there
                                             for a few minutes under the bell.They politely offered me a way to the bell and then allowed me 
                                             to take a photo of them with the bell. 

                                                                                                                        and zooming up the bell...

                                                                                                                      ...... and more up!

                                                                              I am thankful for the peaceful special time now.

                                                                    Thank you for visit.
                                                         I will see you  in January, 2018.
                                                  Best wishes for the holidays and New Year.