Monday, January 8, 2018


Happy New Year,Friends!

2018, is the year of the Dog, which is the eleventh animal in the 12-year Chinese zodiac calendar.

  My name is Gorou. 2018 is my year.

 Actually, Tomoko does not have a dog and she is happy to get this photo  from my owner, 
     who supports care managements for Tomoko's mother-in-law 97.

Tomoko made this photo for the happy Dog Year.
They both are cute aren't they?
                                        I won't....we are friends.                                                                           Don't bite me...

 Bulldog by Tokyo Art Lab.Ink. 

                                                                                   We are Nara deer. When is our year coming?

                                       Rat, Ox ,Tiger ,Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse ,Sheep ,Monkey, Rooster ,Dog ,Pig.....?
                                               Never,because you are always busy with numerous tourists in Nara Park!  
                                                                             Deer crackers are their favorite.
                                I am thankful for the new start!    

 May we all have a Blessed, Healthy and Fruitful 2018!!
                             Thank you for visit.