Wednesday, January 24, 2018



                                        Japanese apricot,winter sweet begins blooming in the garden of our local cultural hall. 
                                                                                                   January 13

                                                                   In the hall my husband and I attended a short Tsugaru Shamisen concert.
                                                     The music called Tsugaru Shamisen is played with the shamisen instrument
                                                               and has a unique sound of traditional Japanese folk music.

                                                                                       after their performance at the entrance hall

                                                                                   Here is some background to the origin of this music.
                                    The music was originally born as a way to survive. Being in the northernmost area of Japan's main island, 
                                    Tsugaru has the harshest weather, so people with poor eyesight could not work on the farms.They traveled 
                                    around busking with the shamisen as a way of life to obtain food. From these roots, Tsugaru shamisen has 
             grown into music loved around Japan
                                    You might imagine that the percussive and melodic sound together cry in the furious snow storm. 
                                                    Today I picked  this Tsugaru Shamisen performance by Yoshida brothers.

                                                                        The other day, I went to Osaka station to do some errands.
                                This is a waiting place in the station building, which always pleases people’s eyes with its seasonal display.
                                                                                                              January 17

                                                                        plastic snow men welcoming you.

                                                        I thought  I would be happy if these are real snow men.


                                       At last, on a cold day of last week, snow fell just for 30 minutes in my area. I quickly dressed warmly, 
                                 hurried out side with my camera. The first snow is always exciting!This is just one shot of the under 
                                 road maintenance I captured in the  snow falling near my house.
                                                                                                                       January 22

                                                                       Now, the coldest wave of this winter is passing over Japan. 
                                                                            The  beginning of spring is still a little way off.

                                                               Thank you for visit.