Sunday, February 18, 2018


  February 12, finally my town, Nara, was covered with snow.

                     my garden                 

                                                               I walked around, took photos in my neighborhood. 

                                                          The weather and temperature looked like it was going to melt the snow soon.      


                                                    I smiled to find some little footprints on the snow. Kids liked playing here.

                                                I was looking down the playground from the top of steps. Can you see me in this picture? 
                                                            Oh no...! my shadow starts melting into the snow!

                                                                            Young family enjoyed early spring in the cold air.

                                                    My familiar seesaw was much colorful than usual on the snow. 
                                                    Forgotten ball and poor snowman at the ground are  pretty too!                             
                                                                                   Although the snow did not last long
                                                          this was one of the most beautiful and exciting days in February.