Monday, March 5, 2018

a piece of Diary....March(1)

I went to the Osaka station for some errands.
           the Osaka Station building 
                                                                                                    February 28         


 I had found that Osaka Station has a nearby garden of delights open on weekdays for children and the young of heart. 
 I stopped at the garden before my errands.

                                            My eyes were immediately drawn to a topiary giraffe as big as a dinosaur.

                                                           Then there's a bright colorful garden with tulips flowering.
                                            "Let's make some bubbles!" announced a wooden house  creating soap bubbles. 
                                                 But I alone smiled, as no children were there to see it.

                                                                    What could this small pile of snow be for?
                                                    It's a chance for city kids to come and experience snow.
                                                                               It is getting warmer and warmer here.

                                                           It is a good idea for little kids, but I saw none playing it!
                                                      Can we justify such cost and extra vehicles on our busy roads? 

                                Two tons of it will be brought here each morning and evening, from snow fields 100 km away till March 18!

                       However, this man cleaning the muddy snow smiled and told me, that if there's snow here little kids have lots of fun
                           with mister snowmen. His words made me smile.... and soon my idea was slowly melting too!


                                                                                              I had a sweet after my errands.
                                    This simply decorated tea room named "Nana's Green Tea" inside the station building is my favorite. 
                                                                  There are expansive views of Osaka through the windows.

                                         実は 少し期待外れの大阪駅前の公園でしたが、🌷が満開。