Saturday, March 31, 2018


             A caring staff member of my mother's nursing home called and told me that my mother has pneumonia and been transferred 
             to hospital for extra care. After a 5 hour trip using 2.5 hour bullet train from Kyoto to Tokyo,about 500 kilometers, 
             and local trains, I finally arrived at her hospital. I said "I am very sorry I am late, mother", holding her hands.

                                  It will not be long before she is going to depart this life. I am beginning to accept her journey 
                               when I think of her ripe old age, and that she would be able to see her husband and son in heaven.

                  My mother and I shared the same love of antique style pendants, and much preferred them to today's modern bling.
                                         These are some of my usual pendants by Georg Jensen, and she also liked J's pendants.

                               On my way back to Kyoto Station, all the bullet trains between Kyoto and Tokyo were suspended
                                      because of a power failure somewhere on the line. It rarely happens, though.

                              Many passengers patiently waited for their departures on the station platforms and underground.

                                                    bonsai ume trees displayed at nearby shrine  this early spring. It was a sign of March.

                                                              This is a gardener who has been making bonsai at the shrine for 40 years.

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