Monday, April 30, 2018


                                                While I am gone to Tokyo to see my mother in a hospital, spring is now at its peak.
                                                  I am still busy making round trips between Tokyo and my town Nara. 

                     This is a beautiful walk in our last spring,2017. My husband and I walked along the ancient road with many" Kofun" in Nara.
                     Kofun are burial mounds which were built for the people of the ruling class from the 3rd century to the 6th century.

                                                                                    Kofun surrounded by the water.


                                                                Tomoko took this photo.  My husband is at the head.


                                                                 Ancient style mud wall can be seen in old cities such as Nara.
                                                                       We walked  about 10 kilometers.
                                                               All photos....a single focus lens 35 mm.   

                           昨年春に 奈良市の古墳群がある道を歩いた。                                                                                                                  日毎に痩せ、静かに眠り続ける母。まだお迎えは来ない。