Thursday, May 24, 2018



                                        I am back from a time which had been busy going to Tokyo and coming back to my town Nara.
                                I had just glimpsed spring passing away so quickly, and just clicked on my camera in my spare time.

                            May 5 in Japan is Children's dayKoinobori (carp-shaped flags) flying in the blue sky are seen here and there, 
                                            which is for celebration of the growth of boys.It is always exciting to see "Koinobori" in the wind.



                                                    Tiny new leaves have grown in my garden while I am away from my house.                                                                                                                             

                                My mother passed away on May 9. She had a good enough life of 95 years. Due to her illness, 
                                she lingered for 2 months on a drip. On her last few days of life, she looked calm. 
                                She started making a final travel in peace.

                               After her son and two daughters grew up,she enjoyed her time for water painting. Some of her
                               paintings were displayed at her funeral. One of the paintings is about Myanmar countryside,
                               which she was traveling at her age 78.This was caught by a local reporter's eyes at an exhibit 
                               and then printed in a local newspaper in Tokyo.

                                                            She in the photo was 78                                                                                                           

                                       Beautiful songs my mother liked were performed. The first play was Amazing Grace. 

                                          My father suffered from kidney illness before he passed away, two decades ago.
                                          Before he died, he wrote a beautiful letter of appreciation to my mother, 
                                          the title of which is, "Last Day of My Life." After his death, my mother read his letter many times, 
                                          and always carried the letter with her, in her bag.

                                          One day, I noticed the letter had become crumpled, and felt it would be a good idea to copy it.
                                         After we made a copy of the letter, my mother always carried the copy with her. At my mother's funeral, 
                                         I placed my father's original letter in her coffin, with many flowers and her memorial photos.
                                                                                                       Last Day of My Life

                                                                                Thank you mother!
                                                                            On day we will meet again.

                                                                                   Mosaic Monday