Sunday, June 10, 2018

Diary....June (1)


                  On a beautiful day, after my busy days in April and May, I felt like having a relaxing time in the countryside.
                  My nearest train station(20minutes walk), which is direct to Osaka, is used by about 57,000 passengers a day.   

                 Just 20 kilometers south of the busy station, there is a single railway line running through a hilly area joining
                eight small stations. Since 2013, these stations have been unmanned and now the trains have driver only operation.

                      On a single track, up and down trains pass several times on the way and must take care to be ready 
                      to pass each other..! As a train is approaching, it makes a "gattan gotton" sound, as we say in Japanese.

                                After I left the train I headed to the" Umami Kyuryo(hilly) Park", walked and walked and took a rest here, 
                                                                                        under this big tent.

                                               Colorful flowers in the flower bed and the shobu  are in full bloom.

                           I continued walking until I reached another cheerful place, a splash pad.Children enjoyed playing in water 
                           on this hot day of spring.The time spent waiting for summer can also be exciting!!

              While walking back, I found these plump cats falling asleep on a bench. I smiled to see them enjoying their relaxing time,
              just like I was.I stealthily crept up to them and clicked on my camera. Could they be wild? Where do they find their food 
              in this large ,trash -free park?
                                                                 "Keep relaxing and goodbye, cats," I whispered to them.


                                 Mosaic Monday



  1. Hello Dear Tomoko!
    I delight in your relationship and great photos.
    I admire colorful flowers in full bloom.
    This season is the most beautiful.

    Hugs and kisses.
    Greetings from hot Poland.

  2. What a beautiful place. Always enjoy seeing kitties, they know how to relax.

  3. Such a gorgeous place Tomoko. The flowers are beautiful. I enjoyed your description of the trains.

  4. Hi Tomoko - interesting journey you had! The flowers are beautiful especially the irises.
    Lovely photos!

    Enjoy your week,

  5. The sight of happy children playing is really quite wonderful. It makes you realize that children are the same the world over and we need to love them all and help them grow up to be caring adults who will help to shape a better society. Have a great week, Tomoko.

  6. What a beautiful area for everyone to enjoy, the children are having a wonderful time and even the cats have somewhere to relax, undisturbed. Thank you for taking us along to this lovely park today. Happy Mosaic Monday!

  7. こんにちわ。


  8. Thank you for your description of your outing. I enjoyed the train ride and the park. You created beautiful mosaic images of the flowers. The way the plants are displayed is artistic. Well done to those who look after the park. The facilities must make it a happy place for all. I'm glad that you had a relaxing time. That big tent structure was a good place to rest during your walk. Enjoy your week dear Tomoko.

  9. Relaxing is necessary and important!.
    Please take care of yourself. :)

  10. Stunning photos. Thank you for sharing happy Mosaic Monday

    much love...

  11. I love seeing all the shades of lavender and purple in those flowers and it's fun to watch the kids...oh and sleepy cat! Enjoy your week dear one! Hugs, Diane

  12. Lovely children, the flowers are like a great painting, the cat is a wonder. You discover wonders in amazing Japan. Your camera and eyes are best friends!

  13. Hello Tomoko,
    Relaxation is important. How lovely to be able to take a train ride to such wonderful gardens and parks. I smiled to see the children playing in the splash park. It seems that water play is beloved by children all around the world.

  14. ゆっくり単線の電車に乗り季節の花をめぐりながらのんびり撮影していの朋子さんが目に浮かびました。猫ちゃんものんびりできる公園、野良猫たちのたまり場のようです。ごみはないけれどエサを与えている人を見かけたことがあります。大きなテントは夏にも撮られてましたね。空がすごくきれいな青色だったのを覚えています。いつ行っても絵になる公園。昔の古墳群の上に広がっている公園なんて素敵よね。


  15. Love to have a train ride for little distance.
    Relaxation is important in our life in between work.
    The place you have selected to relax is amazing. Beautiful and colorful flowers all around.
    Children enjoying in the play area:)

  16. So beautiful and colourful park and the big tent is very spectacular.
    Have a nice week!

  17. Umami park looks like a wonderful place to relax. The flowers are beautiful. Fun to watch children at a splash pad -- I often wish I could join them! Top it all off with sleeping cats -- sounds like the perfect outing to me!

  18. Dearest Tomoko,
    So happy for you to have had this special day with lots of happy and colorful sights!
    Great therapy for the soul, to relax and breath in the fresh air from spring.
    Love all your photos and the big tent is so special, also those tranquil cats.

  19. This is just the sort of place I would like to go to relax - green spaces, flowers, children playing outside (we all wish they would do more of this!!!) I am glad you had a chance to enjoy this beautiful space.

  20. Hello, you fond a lovely spot to spend your day. I love the gorgeous flowers, the big tent is neat. I like the fun looking splash pool and the cute kitties. Enjoy your day!

  21. Dear Tomoko,

    Looks like you had a wonderful train trip and day out.
    I loved seeing your photos, the pretty flowers, children enjoying the water and the cute cats.
    Happy weekend

  22. Dearest Tomoko,
    Guess you read from my reply to your comment that I'm back to biking again. So very happy after 2.5 months my patience was wearing thin. BUT I did manage a Mega task. Scanning ALL our letters since 1983. Precious to read Mom's letters again and for Pieter also from his almost 95 year old Mother... She wrote us a letter the day before she died. We lived in Italy at that time. Sadly so one box of our belongings got lost when they moved us from Georgia to Pennsylvania. Mixed items with a silver tray, lace doily for on that tray, made by a special friend and also letters from my Mom... Campbell Soup paid us by the pound; guess work of course so sentimental value is NEVER being covered. That is a big loss. But life moves on, I am grateful for the years that we have letters from. None of my siblings has that...

  23. What abeautiful place to relax and enjoy the beauty.

  24. こんにちは、ようやくリラックスの出来る時間が取れましたね。阪急電車ですか、素敵な丘陵です。お体に気を付けてください。

  25. ·.
    Nice places. I enjoyed your photos.
    Have a great week.

    ñOCO Le bOLO: La Mirada Ausente · & · Cristal Rasgado

  26. What a nice post. Perhaps someone who works in the park feeds that cats. Are there any attended buildings in the park, where someone might work all day? Maybe there you will find your answer! :) I really love little country railway lines. We don't have as many in England as we used to. But it is a great way to explore without the hassle of taking a car. And that paddling pool looks perfect for little kids, with rocks as well as water, and an irregular shape, never too deep in any part.

  27. A wonderful place to relax!
    Happy day Crissi


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