Sunday, June 10, 2018

Diary....June (1)


                  On a beautiful day, after my busy days in April and May, I felt like having a relaxing time in the countryside.
                  My nearest train station(20minutes walk), which is direct to Osaka, is used by about 57,000 passengers a day.   

                 Just 20 kilometers south of the busy station, there is a single railway line running through a hilly area joining
                eight small stations. Since 2013, these stations have been unmanned and now the trains have driver only operation.

                      On a single track, up and down trains pass several times on the way and must take care to be ready 
                      to pass each other..! As a train is approaching, it makes a "gattan gotton" sound, as we say in Japanese.

                                After I left the train I headed to the" Umami Kyuryo(hilly) Park", walked and walked and took a rest here, 
                                                                                        under this big tent.

                                               Colorful flowers in the flower bed and the shobu  are in full bloom.

                           I continued walking until I reached another cheerful place, a splash pad.Children enjoyed playing in water 
                           on this hot day of spring.The time spent waiting for summer can also be exciting!!

              While walking back, I found these plump cats falling asleep on a bench. I smiled to see them enjoying their relaxing time,
              just like I was.I stealthily crept up to them and clicked on my camera. Could they be wild? Where do they find their food 
              in this large ,trash -free park?
                                                                 "Keep relaxing and goodbye, cats," I whispered to them.


                                 Mosaic Monday