Friday, July 6, 2018


                                                                              I was away from PC.

                                                               These are some of photos from Tomoko's file.
                                                                             Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo,

                                                                                                 Nene's Temple in Kyoto

                                                                                 tea room in the garden of the Temple

                                                                                       Kyoto Tower


                                                                                            waiting hall in the Osaka station building                              


                                                                                              a street in Tokyo Asakusa

                                                                                                              Tokyo station 

               My younger sister, nephews, nieces and I recently held my mother's first memorial service, traditionally observed in Japan 
               around 49 days after the death.

               It's a difficult task for daughters to move out their beloved mother's things which have so many memories of her attached
               to them.

               It was up to my sister and I to sort out the contents of my mother's home in Tokyo in the days following this ceremony.
               We chose a few precious mementos to keep for ourselves, and then used a company which specializes in clearing diseased 
              estates. Now my mother's house is perfectly cleaned up. Her oldest son and his wife, a newlyweds, will live there soon.
              Although I had to say good- by to many belongs of my mother I am  relieved now.

                     After having a restful break, I hope to resume my diary blog, when I feel more motivated.

                                                                                a shell of phone(スマホ)
                                                While I was waiting for a bus coming  at the bus stop near my house....