Monday, December 17, 2018


I went to Osaka for a reunion tea party. Just for me and my old friend.
We have known each other since our elementary school.
She recently moved  to Osaka to settle down close to her son's house.
It means we can easily meet more often than before!

                                                             The annual Christmas decoration in Osaka station building was begun.
                                                                    Both young and old enjoy the bright lovely!

Many people from young to seniors snap with their mobile phones.
Now, it is a familiar scene.

My friend  too.

                                                      underground walkway in busy....

                                                                                    These photos were taken in Kyoto station(from my archive)
                                                                    ki~~n ko~~n ka~~n ko~~n!(we say in Japanese like this)
                                       Merry Christmas and Happy  New Year!