Wednesday, December 25, 2019

December (2)

some memories of this year

 There are only a few days left this year.

                                                     This May, I visited our family grave in Tokyo, where my late parents and younger brother rest in peace.
                                                     This photo was taken in the underground passage leading to Tokyo Station late at night.
                                                     There was such a quiet moment in a busy place like this.

                                                           This December, my husband and I traveled to a small fishing village facing the Pacific Ocean.
                                                           While he was fishing, I was walking around the village all day long and taking a local bus to tour around the village.
                                                           During my adventure, I was able to meet some nice local people and had good conversations with them.
                                                           Talking with locals is always one of my favorite things to do when I travel.

                                                           In the long history of this village, the locals experienced some disastrous tsunamis that washed away the place.
                                                            Learning from the ancient people's tragic experiences, people have built some sets of long emergency steps
                                                            on the mountain slope behind the village to escape from tsunamis.This is one of them.

                                                                          When I was holding my camera halfway up the steps, a former fisherman said,
                                                                         "Be careful!" while approaching the bottom of the steps.

                                                I learned from him that there was a big tsunami hitting this village when he was a 3-year old boy 70 years ago.
                                                Her mother carried him on her back and ran to a higher place, walking up these steps.

                                                                           Then I met this woman, who has lived here for 50 years since her marriage.
                                                                           When weather permits, she just walks for a few minutes to the sea and enjoys fishing,

                                                                            With a smile on her face,she told me a list of names of the fish she recently caught.

  Thank you for visit.

                                                                                                                     All the best for 2020
                                                                                                                Take care over the holidays.