Monday, January 20, 2020


                                    2020 has already started.This means that everyone gets older.
                                    My mother-in-law, who lives with my husband and me, is turning 100 years old this year. She has good health but has a very short memory: 
                                    she forgets what happened 30 seconds ago, but her mind is surprisingly clear every moment. She still has some things to enjoy herself.
                                    There are many different ways of aging, and everyone gets old in their own unique way.

                                     These are the Japanese paper fans she used to use when she performed traditional Japanese dance, which was one of her hobbies.
                                     She studied dance for more than 80 years, and it looks like one needs paper fans when dancing.
                                     She still keeps her fans in her drawer and these are just a small part of her collection.

                                                                                                           She enjoyes opening her fans in the sun after the new year's holidays.

 This fan was  bit wet and she placed it by the window.