Wednesday, June 3, 2020


                      On June 1, the state of emergency was partially lifted in Japan, but it is obvious that we have to keep practicing social distancing.

                      Having hurt my lower back after weeding and carrying heavy flower pots in my garden, I was able to get some rest at home during the entire month of May.

                      My back pain has been getting better, and the rose garden in the area opened again for the first time in a month.

                      A professional gardener kept taking care of the roses even during quarantine and they finally started to welcome visitors back.

                     There weren't many visitors in the garden, but everyone seemed to be enjoying the fresh air and their own time there.
                     I strolled through the garden for an hour and came back home.

                                                                                 She is going to make potporri with these roses the gardener cut off. She said.        

                                                                                        She likes to draw red roses the most..... She said.

                                                                                                    There are also sad stories.

                                                            Hydrangeas in Yata Temple in Nara and 800,000 tulips in a flower field in Saitama were cut down.

                                                            It was a tough decision to make so that this would keep visitors away during the COVID-19 pandemic.

                                                                                                                       I hope you all are safe and happy.