Tuesday, September 1, 2020

September (1)


                                                                                 How are you spending your time at home during the coronavirus pandemic?

                                                                                 I've been facing "quarantine fatigue" because it's been a while since the pandemic started.

                                                                                 However, I'm enjoying a relaxing time for the first time in a long time, listening to music while time passes by slowly

                                                                                 in my living room, which makes me realize just how busy I was before.

                                                                                 I'm also enjoying watching online movies and various history documentaries about other countries, which tell me 

                                                                                 there were so many things I didn't know.

                                                                                 The travel ban between the metropolitan area and other prefectures was lifted to keep the economy going.

                                                                                 Knowing that the pandemic hasn't been contained, I find rushing to return to our "normal" lives very scary



                                                    These photo were taken from Ena fishing village in Wakayama. My husband and I traveled in August.
                                                                                                                                                   Stay safe.

                                        I hope you find something positive and watch nice movies, read books and talk to your positive friends.


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