Thursday, April 8, 2021


                                                                                                                                                       🌸cherry blossoms🌸

                                 There were some rainy days in the week when cherry blossoms were in full bloom. Even though the weather was changeable,

                          I went for a walk to see cherry blossoms several times. Many Japanese people feel like something happy will happen 

                          when they enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms blooming at the right timing in spring. Cherry blossoms are beautiful 

                          when they are in full bloom and fall gracefully in a short period of time. This appearance is also beautiful.


                                                                      I found this car covered with scattered petals while walking.

                                                                     my pink umbrella reflected on the car window 

                                                      Cherry blossom petals are falling, which is the final show of the flowers.


                                                                                 My husband takes a walk with our loving dog(Bulldog).She is 3 years old.    


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