Friday, April 30, 2021


The time of wisteria blooming has come.

In the early morning of the 23rd of this month, my husband and I visited the Kasuga Taisha Shrine to pray 

for the first time in the year and  see the wisteria blooming in the garden of the Shrine.

🚓To avoid trains expected to be crowded, we drove to the Shrine, taking 30 minutes.🚦

The parking lot was almost empty, and only a few visitors were heading toward the Shrine on the long approach.


my husband and a chief priest at the gate of the Kasuga Shrine

 After praying and strolling the garden, we moved to the Kasuga Museum adjoining the garden of the Shrine.

 Photography was allowed only on the first floor of the museum.

  I decided to take the image on the screen beautifully changing, which shows the seasonal Kasuga forest.

Perhaps, the image of the moment I took would show the purplish color of wisteria.

                  After clicking the shutter, I put my camera away in my bag and went up to the second floor, where many artifacts are displayed.


       Thank you for visit.