Tuesday, June 8, 2021



                         In the sunny weather during this rainy season, I do laundry for my 100-year-old mother-in-law, who lives with my husband and me,

 and hand it to her as usual. 

                      She says, "Thank you," and begins to dry it in a good mood in the garden in front of her room in the comfortable weather.

                        Every time, she believes she did laundry for herself. She will turn 101 this August.

  She might become the oldest healthy person in Japan.

                    Her memory is surprisingly short, but she can still read papers, has good ears and appetite, and enjoys a glass of beer every night.

She is too energetic for her age.

So, to be honest, she sometimes looks like some strange monster.

 ðŸ“¸2021 May 31


The tough memories in her life have faded away.

Now, she is an elderly woman who lives in peace and quiet. 

                                                                                                          📸2021 May 31