Wednesday, June 23, 2021




           Hydrangeas really show their beauty in the rainy skies.

I went to see the hydrangeas and cosmos flowers blooming in Hannay-ji Temple in Nara.

                                                I liked to see theses hydrangeas displayed in glass cubes.

                                Jizo statue and an offering of hydrangeas 

                               Cosmos flowers were  floating in a water-basin. They were shining.

                                                                                                         This is a bit funny photo of Tomoko.

                                      I mostly had cut my hair myself for the last 15 months. Although my usual beauty salon makes various efforts

                                       to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, staying for a short time in a salon would be much safer, I thought.

                                     I googled another beauty salon featuring only a quick cut and found one in my area.

                                    When I went there, as it says, the dresser quickly cut my hair and made me leave the shop after 11 minutes.



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