Tuesday, January 11, 2022


☃ It doesn't  much snow here in Nara. 
So, I was excited to see that snow began falling just when eating breakfast last Wednesday.

I grabbed my camera in a hurry and clicked the shutter in our dining room.

  The snowflakes looked like needles, which were showering on the dead camellia flowers in the garden, in the picture 

as I forgot to set my camera.


After finishing my breakfast, I dressed warmly and walked in the falling snow around my place for an hour.

This is a photo of my favorite bakery taken through the window of the shop.🌭🥐🥪🌮🍞

The inside of the shop looked very warm, and the lights hanging down from the ceiling were lovely. 

                                                                  📸 permitted photo

My husband and I went to the next town to do some errands the other day.

I found that there is a piano in the station.

 I had not played the piano for a while and my hands were numb because of the cold day, though, 

I played the piano a bit. (Bach prelude No.1)🎵🎶

My husband took this photo with his mobile phone.